TAG Heuer VELAFestival direct: better alone than in bad company


Simone Gesi, Andrea Mura, Lele Panzeri and Roberto Westermann. Four “differently” great loners responded to our editor Luca Oriani’s inquiry whether it is possible for everyone to become a lone sailor. Four different experiences from which unexpected similarities come out. All four became soloists out of “necessity”-Andrea Mura told us that his sponsor had been willing to repay the Open 50 Vento di Sardegna only if he participated in the Route du Rhum; Simone Gesi, on the other hand, opted for solo sailing because he got tired of having to wait for friends to come out on the boat; Lele Panzeri was sold a double catamaran by a friend and found himself aboard a Class A; and Roberto Westermann started solo sailing instead, to take a double paycheck during trsferments. But what are the greatest soddsfaizioni the four of them have had by going alone at sea? Gesi recalls a glide with the Mini at 17 knots, right in front of his home in Tuscany, Andrea Mura tells us about the pre-start for the Route du Rhum when you feel you are about to enter sailing history, Lele tells us that of the boat he loves “the contemplative ebetism” into which he falls when sailing alone, Roberto tells us about an arrival in Newport aboard a self-built, self-designed boat that was sailed without breaking anything. The four conclude by telling us how it is possible for everyone to sail solo with a well-equipped boat, with awareness of their limits and always in safety. Sailing alone is a way to rediscover oneself as a bit of an animal, to reconnect with nature, and in Andrea Mura’s words, “to become part of the elements, when I am alone I then become more reflective, I find myself thinking in the third person in order to be able to evaluate each situation well. The sea teaches you what it’s like to be in confrontation with yourself, and when you come ashore you change your character, you no longer get angry about the one behind you honking at the traffic light because you didn’t take off when the green light went off.



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