Summer 2015: put Sail-up in your pocket and you’re ready to set sail!

The warm weather is here, summer is here, and now there is also the first seaside friends community that uses modern “social” logic to promote a new way of going to the sea. The platform that will allow people to experience the sea in 360 degrees is called Sail-up and was conceived by five boating enthusiasts who decided to revolutionize the way people experience the maritime environment. Young, boat and sea lovers, ready to bet on new technologies: so the inventors of Sail-up have bet on the potential of the passenger market to provide shipowners and skippers with an unprecedented tool for organizing short-lived, last-minute, and affordable entertainment activities at sea.

In fact, summer 2015 is the first one in which, smartphone in hand, you can make available berths on your boat, your experience, look for new friends and decide to go out together, sharing expenses. In other words, take the opportunity for shipowners and skippers to multiply outings, raise awareness of their environment, and make operating costs sustainable
. Sail-up is the first social platform that connects boat owners, skippers, sailors, fishermen and tourists, aiming to broaden the number of people who can share experiences at sea, from diving off the water to fishing trips, from a trip to the beach to participating in a regatta. Sail-up aims to promote the sea and the boating world in a modern, immediate way, taking advantage of technology and the “community” trend.

Sail-up debuted in early May 2015 and has been operational for a few weeks now to contact owners and skippers and schedule the sea outing. Operation is easy, straightforward, especially 2.0. Community membership and use of the platform are completely free of charge. For shipowners and skippers, the platform enables them to provide the boats and skills needed to create a program of offering activities on the sea, differentiated according to several criteria. For users, Sail-up gives them the opportunity to easily and immediately access a wide range of geo-referenced and affordable sea activity proposals. Not only that, through Sail-up those who love the sea find new friends to share their passion and can decide in real time to set sail. After the release he leaves his feedback on Sail-up to communicate his impressions to friends in the community and make the experience truly participatory.



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