Summer 2014: 26 proposals for the right vacation


From spring to summer, the transition is quick: a few more weeks and the desire for the sea and cruising will occupy all your days. Whether you plan to cast off your moorings alone, with a group of friends, as a couple or with the whole family (including children), there are plenty of suggestions for finding the ideal boat for your needs.
With a little reasoning and some tips you can find out how to make the right choice. We leave the reasoning to you: we trust. As for advice, we instead thought we’d give you some : it’s about embarkations and charters that can get you sailing on vacation in the Mediterranean and beyond. The choice of destination is crucial, in fact, and if warmth and sunshine are what you are looking for there are plenty of charter proposals to sift through: from the Caribbean to Polynesia, from the islands of the Atlantic Ocean to Africa.

We have collected in this special section the proposals of 26 of the most reliable charter companies: for each of them you will find the direct link to the site, where you will have access to all the information to be able to ask them directly for the best quote. Don’t miss this opportunity!



Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4QUOTATIONS: WHAT THEY INCLUDE AND WHAT THEY DON’T Prices in euros including VAT for a week’s charter and refer to newly manufactured boats. Quotations are an average of values from major operators: always check carefully before booking. For periods longer than a week they could be discounted by 5% (two weeks) or 10% (three weeks) Do not include: skipper, any other expenses such as fuel costs, beverages and galley for guests, port costs, laundry, telecommunications, equipment provided upon request (such as often the tender). In almost all cases, cleaning the boat at the end of the cruise is also not included in the base price. The cost of the skipper usually ranges from 130 to 250 euros per day. ITALY: Tuscan Archipelago, Tyrrhenian Islands, Sicily, Sardinia. FRANCE-SPAIN: Corsica, French Riviera, Balearic Islands. GREECE-TURKEY: Ionian Greece, Aegean Greece, all of Turkey. CROATIA-TUNISIA: all destinations.



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