STAR, the first regatta with Northwest Passage on… lava boats

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A new regatta, scheduled for 2017, is designed for lovers of extreme conditions: it is called STAR, an acronym for Sailing The Arctic Race, and involves sailing through the Northwest Passage
(i.e., the route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through the Arctic archipelago of Canada).

The STAR course (Sailing The Arctic Race).

The first international regatta that will take crews across the roof of the world will start from New York in July 2017 and will be divided into six stages: Halifax (Canada), Nuuk (Greenland), Cambridge Bay (Canada), Tuktoyaktuk (Canada), Dutch Harbour (Alaska), and Victoria (Canada), for a total of 7,725 miles. Beware, however: this will not be an old-fashioned competition, where “come what may,” with different boats and oceanic gaps.

Fipofix, the Open16 that demonstrated the reliability of basalt fiber in boat building
Fipofix, the Open16 that demonstrated the reliability of basalt fiber in boat building

The entered teams will compete aboard an innovative monotype: the Star46 made by Fipofix, an Austrian shipyard specializing in making ocean-going boats from volcanic fiber. To some of you this name will not sound new: it is some time ago the “record” of Harald Sedlacek, who crossed the Atlantic alone from the Spanish coast to Palm Beach, Florida, in a boat of only 4.90 meters made of basalt fiber (taking 87 days), called precisely Fipofix (an Open16). We told you about it in this article. The technology has proven reliable, and its durability makes it ideal for making boats that will sail in the Arctic. Other partners in the regatta, for now, include North Sails for sails for the Star46s and Harken for deck hardware.

Theregatta notice and entry details will be provided, “upon formal and serious request,” by contacting regatta CEO Robert Molnar directly(references at this link). A mouthwatering opportunity for skippers eager for adventure.



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