Squid or radioactive hoax?

giant-radioactive-fukushima-squidThe photo of the beached squid is photoshopped.

I said that from the start, you will say. So did we, but we wanted to wait a few days so that the mystery would unravel itself.

And there the mystery is solved: the photo that has been raging on the Internet for days, showing a giant radioactive squid (in fact, it came from Fukushima), beached on the California coast, has been demythologized piece by piece by the many “geeks” on the net.

The photo shown here highlights well the similarities between the photo of a beached whale and that of a squid.

Still, it was a funny joke, which obviously found fertile ground on the Internet. For the umpteenth time it has been demonstrated that about everything that passes on the net … one has to reason!

Speaking of hoaxes, who knows if radioactive cows from the land of fires will pop up in some time to keep us company?

real photo of the hoax




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