SPECIAL. The 50 mythical boats/3: the Velocissime

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 1:21:26 p.m.Browsing through our archives, a great service from two years ago jumped out at us, made possible thanks to your help. We asked you what makes a boat a myth. Construction? Speed? Robustness? Glamour? Of course, but that is not enough. We had selected 200 boats, divided into macro-categories, with the only constraint being that they were mass produced (even small) and also available on the used market. Then, we had given them to a “panel” of 300 subscribers, chosen from the most loyal. The results? Surprising, both in terms of size and the “celebrity” of the models you had chosen: after all, who said, for example, that a “Lady of the Sea” could not be 6.50 meters long? Now that we are approaching the end of the year, a time of great rankings, we present again in seven installments the 50 boats chosen just by you, divided by characteristics. After the Ladies of the Sea and the Very Comfortable, it’s time for the Very Fast. And we ask, you, today, which ones would you add?

Years of refinement in the design of water lines, shapes and sails have forged these thoroughbreds of speed. Sometimes they require crews entirely of professionals, others even simple enthusiasts can achieve more than good results. Every detail on these boats is aimed at speed, joinery is contained and often structural, reinforcements are applied only where necessary and in high-quality materials, themselves often the result of years of study and refinement. Small or large, they are those boats that can give you adrenaline rushes, on the high seas as well as between the buoys.

X-362 SPORTX-362 Sport (1993 – 2003 + 12.97 m + 73.90 sq. m + 4899 kg)
When Niels Jeppesen designed the 362 classic, he did not have a racing boat in mind, but rather a simple 36-foot boat suitable for normal-sized family cruising with sufficient space and comfort. The usual focus on performance and sailing pleasure did the rest: the 362 proved to be a fast boat, and minor modifications to the rigging made the cruising boat a pure racing blood that in the Mediterranean and Europe in general managed to win everything there was to win even with non-professional crews. X-Yachts in 1993 also launched the sports variant of the x-362. The hull traces the lines of the cruising version, but has keel and rudder profiles modified and optimized according to IMS regulations and an oversized mast with fractional 9/10 limb; under sail it does not prove to be too challenging for good crews but nevertheless gives great satisfaction (she immediately won the IMS European in her category and from there the list of victories has grown by leaps and bounds). Below deck we find dua double cabins, a bathroom and two additional berths in the dinette.

Screenshot 2014-11-24 at 12:31:03 p.m.Sly 42 (2007-2013 + 12.4 m + 111 sqm + 6900 kg)
Lightweight, with a significant sail area, it is a boat that stood out as soon as it hit the water. It gives strong emotions already in white sails.

Screenshot 2014-11-24 at 12:31:51 p.m.Farr 40 (1996-present + 12.42 m + 103.7 sq m + 4952 kg)
is one of the most successful monotypes designed by Farr, with a huge used market, at prices that also varied widely. It depends on age, but also on equipment.

Melges 24Melges 24 (1993+ 7.30 m + 36.2 sq. m + 809 kg)
Powerful sail plan, light hull, fantastic water lines at carrying gaits, it is one of the fastest and most challenging monotypes ever built.

MothMoth Mach 2 (2008-present + 3.35 m + 8 sqm + 30 kg)
For many, it is the new frontier of sailing; this dinghy has no weight limit, its foil allows it to fly over the water like a hydrofoil, but it is suitable for any age.






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