Special Refit #2: three good ideas for “updating” your boat


Second installment of our appointment dedicated to refit: that is, how to improve the boat with some interventions aimed at optimizing and improving it both functionally and aesthetically. In the first episode, we had seen the EWOL propeller that steers itself, mast and rigging maintenance done by the expert riggers of G&G Rigging, and the Forza7 boatyard in Monfalcone that restores new life to boats. Below are the protagonists of the second episode:

Stainless steel bollard 001

Solimar, after the custom designs appreciated on maxi yachts, wanted to offer the very convenient gas-spring operated pop up cleat bollard for small boats as well. It opens and closes conveniently with the simple pressure of the foot. Practical and functional, it is also beautiful. If necessary, it can also be operated manually by simply lifting it. Available in a deck-mounted or sickle deck version (also easily installed to replace existing bollards) or also in a fully concealed flush deck version, they are made of stainless steel or black-finish aluminum. www.solimar.it; info@solimar.it

photo 2

Boat Wrapping offers the opportunity to personalize and at the same time protect your boat. Covering involves coating all or part of the hull with top-quality adhesive films specifically for this coating technique through a quick and inexpensive application that replaces laborious and expensive painting work. The installed film withstands outdoor temperatures, both hot summer and cold winter temperatures, without suffering any damage and is also removable at any time, leaving the original color and paint job in perfect condition. www.specialwrap.it; alberto@specialwrap.it.

Airtronic is an air heater powered by the engine’s diesel fuel, which easily fits in any locker: once connected to the tank and battery, it produces heat and spreads it below deck. there is also a system that allows the heating systems to be controlled remotely through a smartphone application that allows the ventilation or heating to be turned on or off and the operating period to be programmed. The 2 kw version consumes one liter of diesel fuel every three hours. In addition, owners of sport boats can also use it to dry the sails between each edge of the race, directing all the air into the calavele. Those who prefer to stay at home can use it to remove moisture on board. www.eberspaecher.it



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