Soldini quits: Maserati abandons North Atlantic record attempt


“We decided to abandon the North Atlantic record attempt.” It was in the evening that Giovanni Soldini, aboard
with a team of nine sailors, reports that the record Atlantic crossing from New York to Lizard Point is definitely gone.

“Unfortunately, the cold front we were chasing from the start suddenly accelerated, overtook us, and we, despite our efforts and commitment, were encompassed by an area with little wind. We tried for a few hours to navigate this northwest, but we soon realized that we would not make it. This is confirmed to us by all the weather models downloaded and simulations done. We are obviously sorry, we tried our best, it did not go as we hoped, but at sea we are not in charge. We now make our way to the Azores for a quick technical stop that will allow us to stock up on food, which we are short of. After that we will bring Maserati to Italy.”

Maserati had departed from New York on October 17 at 00:27:20 Gmt and would have to travel the 2880 miles to Lizard Point, England’s extreme western tip, in less than 6 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes and 39 seconds, a record that belongs to the 140-foot maxy yacht Mari Cha IV.



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