Solaris: when quality pays off. Discover the new 58 feet!

By innovating, renewing, exporting today Solaris has become the leading Italian manufacturer in terms of boats produced and sales. We went to Sardinia to learn how he achieved this record and celebrate the shipyard’s first 40 years. As a preview, we visited the new 58

Solaris by Serigi
Solaris 58

Celebrating your first 40th birthday with 500 guests arriving from all over the world, in a place as unique as Porto Rotondo is in early June, is one of those anniversaries you remember for a lifetime.
If then the birthday boy or girl is not a person but a brand like Solaris, adored by all guests who share a passion for sailing, then the party becomes truly special. But when party-goers gather at the dock eleven boats (from the 37-footer to the 42′, the 44′, the 48′, the 60′, the 72′ DH, the 72′ Classic, and, as a treat, a world premiere of the brand-new Solaris 58) ready to set sail for a sail in one of the world’s most beautiful gulfs, then the event becomes memorable.

We were there in Costa Smeralda in those days. We had a chance to jump from boat to boat, try out the Solaris 42 and also take a look at the big new addition, the Solaris 58, which we show you in a preview. Sitting on the beautiful veranda at the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club we learned news that amazed us, Solaris has become the leading Italian sailboat yard, by number of boats produced and by turnover. A small textbook case, a story in which passion, experience and commitment that generate a unique product and turn a yard considered niche, consecrated to the “high-end,” into success.



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