Sardinia: seismic bombs in the sea? Parliament says yes to oilmen

maxresdefaultDeleted criminal offense for those who search for oil at sea with seismic bombs. So decided the Parliament in a secret ballot blitz of majority and opposition. This vote effectively gives the green light to an oil exploration project that threatens to destroy the stretch of sea between San Vero Milis to Alghero – Porto Torres in Sardinia by directly affecting the island’s environment and natural system. A nice sop to the oil companies (not only from Italy, but from Texas and Norway) that are focusing mainly on the seas of Sardinia and are eager to launch their seismic bombs (the method is called Air Gun), to discover on the seabed of Sardinia the dislocations of gas and oil fields.
“As of today,” said Unidos Sardinian MP Mauro Pili, “we are relaunching the tough mobilization on this game and are ready for resounding actions if all projects involving the Sardinian seas subject to these clumsy attempts to liberalize the technique of seismic bombs are not blocked. This is an obligatory mobilization that we have the task of undertaking in order not to leave Sardinia to the total domination of power groups and the State itself that have long since considered Sardinia a real dustbin where to dump all the most nefarious and invasive projects from military bases to chemical areas, to end with the oil exploration by seismic bombs.”
“The air gun is a technique of inspecting the seabed to understand what the subsurface contains. Basically, there are loud, continuous bursts of compressed air every five to 10 minutes that send out reflected waves from which to extract data on the composition of the subsurface,” says one expert, Maria Rita D’Orsogna, a physicist who teaches at California State University, Los Angeles. Which reminds how this technique is devastating to the seabed and especially to all fish species and the entire ecosystem. Basically, earthquakes of sound waves are caused that strike vast areas of seabed, with all the consequences one can imagine.

For those who want to learn more about the “NO AIR GUN Sardinia” movement, this is the relevant Facebook page



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