Sailing goes into space: shall we make two edges on Venus?

venusNASA is planning to send a probe to the soil of Venus. A probe…with sails. Exploration of Earth’s “twin” planet, as it is called being very similar in size and mass, presents two major problems: it will be necessary to build a rover that can withstand the enormous pressure (90 times that of Earth) and temperature (close to 500 degrees: it is the hottest planet in the solar system). So NASA, which has never been able to send images of the Venusian soil (something the Soviet space agency was able to do as early as 1975 with the Venera probes, which were able to send photographs within minutes before being devastated by pressure), commissioned a very special project.

Ultra-heat-resistant chips (under refinement), a Stirling engine powered by solar panels to cool the rover, and, to get around, a sail. A real steerable mainsail
(also covered with solar panels) that will take advantage of the strong winds on Venus. Just like a landsailing model you’ve surely seen competing in the desert!



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