SAIL Cup: this is the sailing we want!!!

SThe sailing we want is the more than 100 registered members of the VELACup
The sail we want is to see the small 7-meter Santerelli Furia set off at the buoy alongside Loro Piana’s 25-meter My Song
The sail we want doesn’t care if you don’t want to use the spinnaker, because you can race with white sails
The sail we want is a 1928 wooden boat turning the buoy along with the very latest and fiercest ICE33
The sailing we want is a big party ashore after the regatta
The sail we want is the Tigullio Gulf full of colorful sails
The sailing we wantis a free membership for dinghies and a few euros for others
The sailing we want is a regatta open to all boats, any size
The sailing we want is a regatta for pulled racing boats, for old chests, for wonderful vintage sails, for small dinghies. All together on the starting line
The sail we want is you engaging at the buoy with Mauro Pelaschier
The sailing we want is without age restrictions, bureaucracy or technical complications
The sailing we want is the Sunday sailor watching and trying to beat the professional
The sail we want is a buoy in front of Portofino, to admire it from the water
The sail we want is a prize even for thelast one to arrive
The sailing we want is a gift bag that is a triumph of gifts: a technical racing T-shirt, the VELAFestival Card, a 20-euro Vodafone Card, a goggle strap, the May issue of Il Giornale della Vela, discount coupons for Nauticplace and exhibitors
The Sail We Want is a special “Gentleman Yachting” award for the boat that will be for elegance and style of the crew and yacht
The sailing we want is a Barcolana for the Tyrrhenian as well
The sail we want is our SAIL Cup, it is everyone’s sail. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so now by following this link!



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