Port of Cetraro, “lace” to boaters: history repeats itself…

Do you remember the “Cetraro case” that caused a heated debate on our website in the summer of 2013? In a nutshell, a story of threats to a shipowner who had moored at a public dock (at the direction of the Coast Guard) in the port of Cetraro, Calabria: they had “urged” him (on pain of having his moorings cut off) to move his boat to the docks for a fee
. HERE you can find the story in detail. The marina’s moorers and even the mayor of the town in the province of Cosenza had also spoken on our pages.

A year goes by, and the name of the Cetraro marina pops up, in an investigation by Antonio Crispino, a journalist for “Il Corriere della Sera.” According to Crispino, in Cetraro paying “protection money” to moorers so that one’s boat is safe is an established routine. The service also quantifies the amount: 25 euros per day if the shipowner wants to be comfortable.


In 2004, in a James Bond-esque operation, complete with undercover cops who showed up at the harbor aboard an Antares 10.80, a certain Pasquale Agostino, according to magistrates, was identified and arrested in flagrante delicto (extortion), a referent of the Muto clan (headed by Francesco Muto, known as the fish king, a powerful ‘ndrangheta boss): he was tasked with demanding “the obolus” from the unfortunate dipartists.

Today, in 2014, the trial is still at the first instance. Between promotions and transfers, 5 judges have changed, and with each rotation a new preliminary hearing is instituted. Agostino’s lawyer Michele Rizzo (who is Muto’s lawyer of choice) also says this proudly: the crime will fall under the statute of limitations. And Pasquale Agostino, who according to the 52 witnesses brought by Rizzo over the years was at the port “helping out,” as a volunteer, now continues to work in Cetraro.

(taken from Corriere.it)

If you have experienced similar treatment as Mr. Pasquale Alfano, please do not hesitate to let us know at speciali@panamaeditore.it





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