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Eos_93 m
In recent years, the phenomenon of gigantism has also made its way into sailing. Of course we are still far from the engine numbers.
To date, there are only eight megasailers covered in the list of 200 boats with lengths between 65 and 180 meters currently in circulation. Despite the sparse minority, extra-large sailing defends itself well especially in terms of content.Each of the eight units is distinguished by the history it brings: either by the many vicissitudes that have characterized its operational life worthy of an adventure novel, or by the refined technological contents they manage to express.

Eos File Large IN FULL SAIL
As in the case of Eos. Descended in 2006 from the docks in Bremen, Germany, Eos bears the signature of Lurssen, a shipyard that recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having built Azzam, which, to date, at 180 meters in length, is the largest yacht ever. While Eos does not go that far, in its “small” size, at 93 meters in length (including bowsprit) it figures as the second largest sailing yacht in the world and is preceded by Sea Cloud. Eos is a three-masted with an aluminum hull and superstructure, has a maximum beam of 13.50 meters, a draft of up to 5.50 meters, and a displacement of 1,500 gross tons. But where the megasailer makes a difference is on the sail area: a whopping 3,600 square meters, by far the most impressive that a private sailing yacht can unfold to the wind today. The height of the three masts, which comes to 61, meters was also calculated to fall within the Panamax parameters set at 62.5 meters, a threshold limit exceeded above which transiting the Panama Canal is not allowed. In terms of design, the exteriors, vaguely reminiscent of retro lines, are the work of Langan Design Associates, while for the interiors the owner relied on the flair of Francois Catroux. Little or nothing is known about the style that characterizes the on-board spaces that can accommodate up to a maximum of 16 guests assisted by a crew of 21.



Built by Alloy in New Zealand, Vertigo is, at 67.2 meters in length, the largest sailing yacht built in the southern hemisphere. Vertigo highlights with Philippe Briand (exterior lines) and Christian Liagre (interiors) made-in-France design skills.


It is not so much the size, 88 meters in length, as the innovative Falcon Rig sail plan that has given the Maltese Falcon great notoriety. Launched in 2006 by Perini Navi, it takes advantage of a square sail system that can also be operated by remote control.

Sea Cloud

Launched in 1931 under the name Hussar II, she measures 109.50 meters in length. The first owner was Marjorie Merriweather Post, then served for the US Navy; and was presidential yacht of the Dominican Republic. Today it sails in the colors of Sea Cloud Cruises.


At 66.7 meters in length, it is the largest composite megasailer around. Launched by Baltic in 2011 Hetairos is ketch-rigged. The water lines are from the Reichel-Pugh firm, which says a lot about its racing vocation.



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