PHOTO Strip planking? I make it using gingerbread!

island-hotel-gingerAmerican luxury hotels sometimes distinguish themselves by tacky decorative choices. But in the case of the Island Hotel in Newport Beach (Orange County, Calif.), it is a tackiness that…we like. The chef and his team took a Sabot-class boat (a kind of large Optimist equipped with a side drift, popular in the U.S. but virtually unknown to us) and literally covered it with gingerbread, the “gingerbread” that accompanies the U.S. holiday season, and then put it on display in the lobby. In the photo we show you, the cook is proceeding with a kind of unconscious “strip planking” (literally “covering in strips”: a construction technique whereby planking in strips is glued longitudinally with epoxy resins) to the boat’s covering, to decorate which took 800 pounds (about 360 kilograms) of flour, butter, sugar and spices.



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