Oracle gets back in the air — and lands in Larry Ellison’s lake

1Some people in their front pond keep ducks, some keep geese, and some prefer ducks. Instead, Larry Ellison wanted to have USA 17, the trimaran that won the 2010 America’s Cup in Valencia. The American trimaran changes home and moves to Oracle’s headquarters, where the company’s mammoth glass headquarters buildings stand, so it can always be under the watchful eye of its “daddy” Larry Ellison. These photos show the operation that took place on Saturday, May 10: a helicopter lifted the hull of the trimaran, obviously without the 90-foot mast and wing, to gently land it in Larry Ellison Lake. Thanks to a studied cable system, the trimaran will also have the “lurching” trim that it had at the time of its victory in San Francisco Bay. Soon on the hull will be cocked the carbon mast that reached the lao by land transported by a truck, We are sure that this “new installation” will inspire Oracle employees!

Photos by Erik Simonson

Erik Simonson
Erik Simonson



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