Oracle confronts challengers to save America’s Cup

cup-america-meetingOracle Team USA held a meeting with the four challenge teams (already signed up or counting on signing up by August 8, the deadline to call themselves in or out of the 35th America’s Cup) to draft a sort of “common plan” in points to save the Cup.

The Yankees’ call to assembly was a more than predictable move after Challenger of Record Team Australia called itself out of the Cup. The risk of being left alone impeaches Coutts and Ellison in no small part, and this certainly translates into an advantageous position for the challenges, who will now be able to make their case. Each team has issued very bland communiqués full of cooperative spirit, but we are confident that negotiations will be more than tight. For example, who knows if Oracle will be able to tick off the fact that they can build two boats versus the one granted to their opponents.

Let’s see what highlights, shared by all the teams (Luna Rossa, Artemis Racing, Team France and Ben Ainslie Racing), came out of the meeting:

Regular meetings between all teams so as to actively collaborate on increasing the potential of the next America’s Cup and subsequent editions.

– Each team plans tohost a leg of the America’s Cup World Series in its own country or a country of its choice.

– All teams present confirmed that-if they win the America’s Cup in 2017-the America’s Cup World Series would continue.

Commitment to reducing costs of both the next America’s Cup and future editions.

Teams will support the choice of location to host the America’s Cup, be it Bermuda or San Diego.

Creation of a working group to collaborate on the choice, date and structure of the 36th America’s Cup, thus laying the groundwork for a sustainable event.

Will the Yankees, with this “democratic” operation, be able to undo the damage caused by their Defender-infused protocol? What do you guys think?



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