No one moves me! Ten anchors for your boat

o-POPEYE-facebookDuring your summer cruise did you have any problems in the roadstead, with the anchor shipping? Perhaps it was not the right model. Now it’s time to look around to see what’s on the market. Alongside classic and evergreen models (Grappino, Fortress, CQR), in recent years the world of anchors has been enriched with new models, equipped with stabilizing rollbars, with designs that allow adaptation to different types of bottom or concave blades. There is even a version of a “double anchor” with the smaller of the two that, once on the snout, fits inside the larger one. Take a look at this review and choose the anchor that’s right for you!

Supreme features a stabilizing rollbar and a spindle with a slot that serves as a chain rail. It allows the anchor to be repositioned correctly even if the boat rotates on itself. is built with the steel spindle and the flukes made double-rolled to be stronger and to bring the weight down.

cqr anchorCQR ANCHOR
Among the most popular and reliable, the CQR anchor features a wide, pointed plowshare that gives it excellent holding qualities. A joint allows it to adapt to the bottom even if the anchor line is rotated. The smallest model ranges from 6.5 kg and is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Prices: from 538.85 euros.

The characteristic feature of this anchor is the concave shape of the two blades. They are designed to sink as far as possible in all kinds of bottom. The rollbar and shape of the spindle make the Rocna one of the anchors that best adapts to the seabed and boat movements. Prices: from 200 euros (4 kg model) .

grappino malingriGRAPPINO MALINGRI
The grappino anchor is the brainchild of Franco Malingri in the 1970s. Ideal for anchorages in roadstead with the presence of kelp or to reinforce the main anchor in strong winds, it is available in hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel, in two sizes: 8 and 12.5 kg. 25,000 were produced. Prices: from 500 euros.

Patented and also registered by Lloyds, the Delta anchor is very reliable on both sand and rock; if well lowered, it is also excellent with kelp. Made of galvanized steel with a high percentage of manganese, its special shape makes it self-align when hoisted into the boat.
Prices: from 106.55 euros (4 kg model).

Born from the experience of two cruisers, Mantus is an anchor featuring a design that gives it a secure grip on sand and muddy bottoms. Like the more traditional Rocna, it features a roll bar and is made of high-quality sheet steel with no parts welded together. Prices: from 114.88 euros + VAT (3.6 kg model).

Two anchors occupying the space of one. This is the idea behind Weber Marine’s Tandem Anchor, which is actually a double anchor equipped with a rollbar: the smaller one fits inside the main anchor, solving the space problem. Tightness is guaranteed, at, of course, greater weight. Prices: from 295.24 euros.

Plastimo’s Kobra 2 is a fast-penetrating galvanized steel anchor and is able to provide excellent hold on different types of seabed, thanks to its ballasted tip and its very wide plowshare, which features a distinctive geometry. This anchor is recommended for boats from 13 to 25 m, (with weights from 12 to 35 kg). Prices: from 219.99 euros (12 kg model).

Handcrafted from Aisi 316 steel, it encloses concave, convex and flat parts in its design to better fit the bottom. Its design allows it to settle automatically, straightening into an ideal position for sinking quickly and deeply. To keep the center of gravity low, the shaft is tubular and hollow. Prices from 541 euros + VAT

With varying spindle angles depending on the consistency of the seabed, Fortress detachable folding-hammer anchors are made of sturdy anodized magnesium aluminum and, according to the U.S. Navy, are the highest performing on the market, although their classic Danforth-type concept. They are ideal as anchors of respect. Prices: from 257.53 euros (3.2 kg model).



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