Nine Italian excellences in contention at DAME


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Among the 45 products selected by the jury of the METS Design Award (DAME), the prestigious award that will be given to the product judged to be the most innovative among those presented at METS (Nov. 18-20), the international trade fair dedicated to accessories in Amsterdam, are as many as nine Italian creations
. Who knows if any of them (which has already gone through a tough selection process: nominations came in from 116 “nominated” products from 23 nations) will succeed in the feat of nabbing the coveted “overall” award, or at any rate in one of the seven categories into which accessories by type are divided. Let’s see, group by group, which Italian products are in the running for DAME:

Glomex has developed weBBoat, the new integrated 4G and Wi-Fi Internet browsing system. Inside the ASA radome are, in fact, two 4G diversity antennas, a Wi-Fi antenna, a router and an access point that, protected from the elements, allow you to have a simple and convenient high-speed Internet connection on your boat in minutes: simply insert a SIM card (not included) into the convenient external slot and you will be able to connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable all your Internet devices (iPhone, smartphone, iPad,tablet, PC ..) to the port’s Wi-Fi network or 4G network. In addition, the router, inside the compactly sized radome (250mm/10″ in diameter and 300mm/12″ high), automatically switches from 4G to Wi-Fi and vice versa to be assured of a seamless and cost-effective Internet connection. Finally, for extremely easy and convenient management of the integrated weBBoat system Glomex also provides an App for iOS and Android.

The Navionics Boating app for iPhone and iPad in version 7.3 includes SonarCharts Live, a feature that allows boaters to create, for the first time, their own HD bathymetric chart that is displayed on their device in time, real time as they sail. The new detailed chart appears as an additional layer above Nautical Charts or SonarCharts. Data are saved for individual use and can be shared with Navionics to improve SonarCharts. It will also soon be available for Android SonarCharts Live gives you the ability to do data tracking of your favorite destinations, getting the greatest detail you ever wanted, while witnessing the instant creation of new maps. Be fascinated and enjoy watching the seabed and bathymetric lines appear before your eyes. With SonarCharts Live, you will have significant and impressive results and can use new maps, which you personally created.

navionics plotterPLOTTER SYNC – NAVIONICS
Navionics Boating includes a new feature called Plotter Sync, which allows boaters who go to the seas, lakes and rivers to connect their Raymarine plotter with built-in Wi-Fi to Navionics servers while on the boat. Plotter Sync is a real innovation because it allows users to access Freshest Data to update their charts and upload sonar tracks with unprecedented ease, without having to take the chart out of the plotter or use a computer. The app takes care of that! Plotter Sync currently can connect to Raymarine a-, c-, and e-series plotters with built-in Wi-Fi (models from 2011 onward with LightHouse II R10 software) through Navionics Boating with version 7.1 or higher on an iPhone or iPad. In Boating, updates to the charts must be active and the chart must cover the same area as the Navionics+, Navionics Updates, Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum chart that is in the plotter. By establishing a simple wireless connection, plotter charts are updated assuring Navionics-Raymarine users peace of mind that they always have the most up-to-date data available at that time. Those with a compatible Raymarine model can also record sonar tracks and upload them to Navionics with Plotter Sync from the app. This means that contributing to SonarCharts™ and always having the most accurate and up-to-date bathymetric charts becomes faster and easier.

En-Joy is the latest evolution of the well-known maneuver aid joystick systems, equipped with wireless connection. No longer constrained to the dashboard, but in the hands of the driver who can move wherever he or she wants without ever losing control of the maneuver, the new En-Joy takes the convenience of joysticks, in particular, the fixed-station Yacht Controller JCS and JCS Plus joysticks, which are compatible with shaftline and stern-foot transmissions, to the pinnacle. Its operation is simple: simply place the boat’s electronic control levers in the “neutral” position, enable the En-Joy Yacht Controller receiver, turn on the transmitter, and activate the socket in control using the corresponding button. From this point on, the system is operational and from anywhere on the boat. Installation is also quick and easy, just connect the receiver to the control levers and switches and/or joysticks on the maneuvering propellers. En-Joy is available for most types of electronic handcuffs currently on the market.

From the experts in manufacturing macerator toilets comes the Nano toilet. Nano uses turbine technology to achieve powerful, anti-clogging exhaust. This model is the ultimate combination of the highest efficiency of the nautical toilet and the smallest size. Capable of providing the same comfort as larger-sized toilets. It was born as a result of a strong connection with the market and meets the new requirements of boats under 50′(15m). Thetford Marine’s team dedicated to new product research and development has created a toilet with a sleek design that, thanks to its compactness, fits installation needs in even the smallest spaces. Here are some of its characteristics:
-Uses two check valves that, in combination with the hydraulic cap, prevent any return of foul odor
-It is silent
-Can use both sea water and fresh water
-After each flush, the toilet remains clean and dry
-Equipped with ECO Rocker switch, which is easy and intuitive to use (to reduce water and energy consumption) or the smart flush technology controller with many functions for flushing and controlling the water-black box.

GIOTTO’s key features include state-of-the-art technology, a strong focus on ergonomics, fascinating aesthetics, and the highest quality materials. GIOTTO is an extraordinary accessory that meets the most demanding requirements so that you can enjoy your boat to the fullest. The two removable grab bars reach a height of 70 cm to be easily reached either from the deck or by holding on to the ladder. The design of the steps, inspired by Giotto’s perfect circle, is made to accompany the movement of the foot climbing up them. Steps with a diameter of as much as 60mm ensure such comfortable descent and ascent such that safety and freedom are greatly improved. Available in 4- or 5-step versions. The ladder is extremely quick and easy to install thanks to the two recessed stainless steel tumblers with quick couplings. For easier stowage GIOTTO is designed with two practical removable grab bars. Constructed of carbon fiber, the new GIOTTO ladder is naturally lightweight and durable with customizable lengths and widths.

This is an elegant outdoor socket made by Palagi from AISI 316/L stainless steel (available in two colors, chrome and white): it is universal with 2P 2.5A European socket and standard Schuko 10 16 A. Two 1P modules can be mounted on request. Its IP65 rating ensures complete protection from dust and water jets.

Seadamp Shock AbsorberSEADAMP – SEADAMP LTD

Seadamp is a truly innovative hydraulic mooring damper. Valves mounted on the plunger inside the device allow the fluid to flow freely during the extensional phase (i.e., when the shock absorber is not being stressed), while, when the mooring line goes under tension, these same valves resist completely silently, ensuring that vibrations and jerks are absorbed: thus less stress on the lines and bollard. Since the eye also wants its share, the product design is eye-catching.

This is a product aimed exclusively at large boats (SYEM stands for Super Yacht Electric Steering): a fully electric (so it has no hydraulic components) and fully synchronized steering system with a torque capacity of more than 10,000 daNm per blade.




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