New KVH satellite antennas fit your needs

kvh-tv-hubKVH recently unveiled a new line of Satellite TV Antennas. The new range, offered with 4 dish sizes (TV1, TV3, TV5, and TV6), has an IP control unit, a very simple user interface, and offers top-class performance.

The new interface allows antenna control from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, computer or other Wi-Fi enabled device.

tv-hub-appThe new line includes a wide variety of models, features and options to suit any need or type of boat. The TracVision TV1 (diam. 32 cm) is ideal for coastal navigation. The TracVision TV3 (37 cm diam.), is offered in two versions: with one output or with two outputs for installations with more than one decoder. The TracVision TV 5 (diam. 45 cm) provides 30 percent greater reception than any other antenna of the same size and is also available with Auto Skew. Finally, the TracVision TV6 (60 cm diam.) enables reception with an even larger coverage area, which is necessary for vessels doing offshore navigation, and also offers a reduced elevation angle critical when navigating in northern latitudes.

– Single coaxial cable for power, data and video for easy installation and maintenance
– DVB-S2 technology ensuring perfect compatibility with current and future Ku Bands
– New IP CONTROL UNIT, common to all models, with Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi interface allowing access to system information from any device with Wi-Fi capability
– Free APPs for IoS and Android

Antenna dimensions: 34.3 x 33.3 cm – Weight 3.4 kg
Dish diameter: 32 cm
Minimum EIRP: 51 dBW (Ku-Band)

TV3 (available in single or dual output version)
Antenna dimensions: 39.4 x 44.7 cm – Weight 8.2 kg
Dish diameter: 37 cm
Minimum EIRP: 50 dBW (Ku-Band)

TV5 (available in version with and without Autoskew)
Antenna dimensions: 48.8 x 53.2 cm – Weight 13.6 kg
Dish Diameter: 45 cm
Minimum EIRP: 48 dBW (Ku-Band)

TV6 (with Autoskew)
Antenna dimensions: 66.6 x 69.9 cm – Weight 24.9 kg
Dish Diameter: 60 cm
Minimum EIRP: 46 dBW (Ku-Band)



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