Is this the end a mythical boat like Black Swan deserves?

4380176_20130607014934371_1_XLARGESince its owner, Amadeo Matacena, a former Forza Italia deputy who fled to Dubai to escape from the legal troubles involving him (definitively convicted of external complicity in mafia association), his Black Swan, a historic nineteenth-century 40-meter ketch, is rotting at the Valdettaro shipyards in La Spezia, waiting for someone to take care of it.


Is this the end to which this splendid 1898 Camper&Nicholson is destined? Born under the name Brynhild in England more than 100 years ago, the family boat, “the honorable one,” has been abandoned and is currently for sale for 900,000 euros. Certainly a high figure, but almost insignificant when one considers the history of this ketch, which is more than 100 years old, started as an auric yawl, then became a ketch during the first two decades of the twentieth century. The boat has been dry for many years, precisely as a result of long litigation, and is currently in the charge of a bank that is trying to sell it for the price just above. The current condition of the hull requires an owner with a big heart and passion to take on what is sure to be a lengthy restoration: a major refitting that includes a check of the condition of the entire hull with replacement of part of the planking, rebuilding of the keel, and certainly all of the systems. With the hope that he can return to his original auric yawl armor. The last refitting was in 2000 and was completed to the design of Studio Faggioni by Beconcini shipyards in La Spezia: it underwent a renovation to the entire deck structure, engines and all technical, electrical and hydraulic equipment.
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Black Swan, literally black swan, is constructed of teak planking on oak framework. Between 1902 and 1904 he won such regattas as the King’s Cup, His Majesty Cup, Squadron King’s Cup, and Town Cup. His past names include Swann and Changrilla, but the black color of his hull has always made him easily recognizable.

Screenshot 2015-02-27 at 11:32:52 a.m.

Year of construction: 1899
Shipyard: Camper&Nicholson
Design: Charles E. Nicholson
Lung. f.t.: 33.80 m
Width: 6.65 m
Fishing: 4.07
Displacement: 135 t
Sup. vel: 621 sqm



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