Inseparable 398: launching and first tests for Made in Italy “microboat”

inseparable-398The crisis sharpens the wit: and what seemed like a “weird” project, namely a sailing cabin cruiser of only 3.98 meters, has taken shape: in Italy, on Lake Como, at the Riva shipyard in Maslianico (the project belongs to the French Nantes-based Eric Henseval Yacht design studio). We are talking about the Inséparable 398, which we had mentioned a few months ago. A small marine plywood cabin cruiser equipped with only a mainsail (and Code Zero type sail) that was launched these days and has begun sailing for initial testing.

inseparableHULL AND DECK

This very small boat is made of okumé plywood with glass and epoxy (very pronounced “edge,” which in this case is not a choice but a design requirement given the material). The exterior finish, in white gelcoat, is covered with a red film (as shown in the rendering photos). The deck has a teak dolphin deck and a folding mast is provided. Given its small size, the boat is suitable for coastal boating and “nautical camping”: consistent with this philosophy is the retractable rudder and centreboard for easy hauling, launching and carting.


Below deck height is 107 cm, two bunks and a small kitchen are provided, as well as storage space. Another important feature is unsinkability, guaranteed by foam reserves under the bunks and dunnage.

inseparable-398-renderingTECHNICAL DATA SHEET.
Length 3,98 m
Maximum beam 2,00 m
Draft 20/100 cm
Light displacement 380 kg
Dive 110 kg
Sup. mainsail 14.5 sq. m.
Sup. Code Zero 7 sqm




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