History repeats itself: Hugo Boss disalberates in the South Atlantic!

140409_HugoBoss_006-644x425Alex Thomson and Pepe Ribes, aboard the Imoca 60 Hugo Boss, dismasted in the South Atlantic while leading the Barcelona World Race, the nonstop round-the-world race in pairs. It happened last night, 370 miles off the coast of Brazil. Probably the cause of the dismasting is to be found in a breakage of the rigging.

In tracking, the black hull pointing to Brazil is Hugo Boss, after dismasting
In tracking, the black hull pointing to Brazil is Hugo Boss, after dismasting

Fortunately, the two are okay and are trying to find a way to reach the nearest port, probably Salvador de Bahia.

A REPEATING PROBLEMboss-1Less than a year ago Thomson had experienced the same misadventure. During the transfer to New York for the start of the translatlantic New York to Barcelona Race. she dismasted: precisely the mast broke at the top, above the last order of spreaders. Fortunately, even on that occasion none of those on board (Alex Thomson, Ryan Breymaier, Alex Pella, and Guillermo Altadill) were hurt, and somehow the boat managed to reach Newport by sailing another 800 miles without a mast.


It is the Open 60 ex-VirbacPaprec 3, aboard which Jean-Pierre Dick finished fourth in the 2012-13 Vendée Globe despite losing his keel. But more importantly, it is the boat that won the Transat Jacques Vabre in 2011 (with Jérémie Beyou as Dick’s wingman) and the 2010-11 Barcelona World Race (with Loïck Peyron along with Dick), the round-the-world race on which Thomson had staked so much.



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