Hiera, the charterers who did the feat in the Ocean.

Hiera crew
The latest edition of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Rodney Bay on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, a total of 2,700 miles) was more than fruitful for the Italian teams at the start, with three victories in as many categories. Arietta 4.2, XP-44 owned by Tuscan shipowner Joe Borghetti, triumphed in the Cruising B division by beating its Australian twin sister Black Butterfly. Similar result for Roberto Tassinari’s Xc-45 Blue Taste in Cruising D.

10801516_729235333836287_6746376726705010069_nTHE CHARTERERS WHO DID THE FEAT
But the most resounding result is the one achieved by Mario Cudia from Marsala (skipper of the charter company Navigatio Sailing in Sicily) winner in the Cruising C category, aboard Hiera, a 2009 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49 with a charter crew. Hiera finished the course in just 16 days, finishing 36th overall. A good race, won in a class with many “racing” boats, but which never posed a danger to Hiera.

In addition to Cudia, class of 1967, on board were his fellow citizen Federica Lipari, Gaetano Ammoscato from Palermo, Alberto Franchini from Brescia, Piercarlo Turano from Turin, and Christina Penlington from New Zealand. A feat widely covered by the local press: on board, in fact, much Marsala know-how, from the Osmosea watermaker to the high-wind sails developed by Labsail. Also supporting the crew are Ewoltech for propellers and Dry Heat for clothing.



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