Goodbye Bunny, creator of the Bettie Page myth…in a boat!

Bunny Yaeger, pin-up and photographer, died in Miami at age 85. Bunny was the artist who immortalized the legendary Bettie Page, the first great pin-up girl, in an album that remained private for a long time. To remember her, with the smile that always marked her, we bring you below the article and, most importantly, the photos that made her famous.


An ironic dive into the 1950s, when the legendary Bettie Page made a generation dream (secretly). Even during a boating vacation

bettyYes, the most famous pinup girl of all time, who made boys (and not only them) dream in the 1950s, was boating. Bettie Page, before converting to a life of steadfast moral principles related to Protestantism, always caused controversy, especially the very famous shoot taken at the former African Wildlife Park in Boca Raton, Florida, depicting a naked “Bettie in the Jungle” flanked by two cheetahs. Instead, here we find her immortalized during a boat vacation by a former model , Bunny Yeager (now an esteemed photographer, who precisely by shooting pin-ups launched her career), with whom she had formed a strong working partnership first and a great friendship later. Just imagine the effect that in those years of “prudery” (that somewhat formal moralism that the “flower power” of the following decade would sweep away) a former model, complete with camera in hand, and Bettie to the lucky captain who had dropped anchor in that same bay might have had… An album that has long remained private, images that bring back an un-plasticized elegance that has often been lost in modern photography. Then again, let the wives and girlfriends take it with a smile-what sailor wouldn’t want a crewmate like that? Perhaps they would also yield to the sailing ship captains of the past, who believed it was bad luck to have a woman on board…. Of course, the photographs in this report are also risque, but today, in times of junk TV, in our opinion they bring more of a smile than anything else.




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