Giraglia, “long” in the sign of the Swan 42: Tixwave and Mandolin triumph

TixwaveJune 20 – The Giraglia Long Race, 241 miles on the Saint Tropez – Scoglio della Giraglia – Monaco course, ended in the sign of the Swan 42: in IRC, on corrected time, Frenchman Bernard Vananty’s Tixwave triumphed (winning the Challenge Rolex trophy) while in ORC Martino Orombelli’s Mandolino (winning the Challenge Nucci Novi trophy), fresh winner of the 151 Miglia. The first phase of the race was characterized by light winds, then, once past the Giraglia Rock, the mistral wind accompanied the crews on their way to Monte Carlo.

MandolinOut of all of them, the two boats designed by German Frers in collaboration with Nautor along the lines of the Swan 45 prevailed. At 12.98 meters long, the Swan 42 has a maximum beam of 3.93 meters and a draft of 2.70 meters. It weighs just under 7,000 pounds and has a sail area of 109.2 square meters.

“I am very satisfied! – said Bernard Vananty – we came second in the last edition of the Giraglia Rolex Cup and this year we really wanted to win. We found ideal weather conditions for us and during the night we chose the right course. At the Giraglia Rock we found a good mistral wind that allowed us to stay close to the most competitive boats in the fleet.” We will also be bringing you statements from Martino Orombelli, owner of Mandolino and bearer of CN Lavagna, shortly.

Massimo Colosimo’s J Storm wins the Giraglia Rolex Cup by 2 in the IRC Class, Giacomo Gonzi’s Prospettica in the ORC Class. Chestress3, Giancarlo Ghislanzoni’s J-122 wins the Sergio Guazzotti Trophy reserved for the first Overall yacht in the IRC Group belonging to a Yacht Club Italiano owner member. Richard Burton’s Jet Lag wins the Gavagnin Challenge Trophy put up by the San Remo Yacht Club for the winner of the San Remo-Saint Tropez Regatta in the IRC class, the largest class. Franco Salmoiraghi’s Aria di Burrasca is first place in the ORC Class in the San Remo-Saint Tropez regatta. In the confrontation between the Italian and French Navy crews, the French aboard Capriccio II won in the offshore race and the Italians aboard Deneb prevailed in the Saint Tropez coastal races.

Why did the Giraglia abandon the Yacht Club Italiano’s traditional Genoese destination this year? To pay homage to the new headquarters of the YC de Monaco, an ambitious project signed by London-based archistar Norman Foster with the collaboration of Monegasque architect Alexandre Giraldi. A kind of large floating city, reminiscent in shape of an ocean liner. The building, a symbol of the Principality’s bid to become the capital of international yachting, is 200 meters long and 28 meters high, with a swimming pool, terraces, restaurants, awards hall, library, clubhouse, and more. Key point of the project is the interior staircase connecting the five floors.

Giraglia Rolex Cup 2014

June 19, 2 p.m. – While waiting for all the finishes and to find out who will be the overall winner of the 62nd Giraglia Rolex Cup, Esimit Europa 2 is awarded the Rolex Trophy and the Réné Levainville Trophy intended for the first yacht to finish in real time and the Beppe Croce Trophy reserved for the first yacht to round the Giraglia rock.

Igor Simcic’s 100-foot fast Reichel Pugh took 24 hours, 35 minutes and 56 seconds to complete the 241-mile St. Tropez-Giraglia-Munich course, arriving at 12:35 p.m.

Updates and winners in compensated time of this record-breaking edition soon.


Thursday, June 19, 9:15 a. m. – It is mostly a “long one” characterized by light winds. This is evidenced by the fact that Igor Simcic’s Esimit Europa 2, the absolute record holder (14 hours, 56 minutes and 16 seconds), despite being abundantly will earn line honors with a far superior time. It is currently sailing at the carriers towards Monte Carlo at a speed of 5.6 knots, 29 miles from the finish line. Also in the Maxi (IRC 0) in second place in real time is Robertissima III, Roberto Tomasini Grinover’s JV72 (48.8 miles to go), in third place is Lionel Pean’s Volvo Open 70 SFS.

The bulk of the fleet, however has recently passed or is approaching the Giraglia rock: In IRC A, Marco Serafini’s TP52 Hurakan opens the dances., with 73 miles to go, followed by Vincenzo Onorato’s new Cookson 50, Mascalzone Latino (80 miles to go) and Wallyno, Frenchman Benoit de Froidment’s Wally 60. Close behind in lapping the Giraglia were Genapi, Jean-Luc Boixel’s GP42, and Kuka-Light, Franco Niggeler’s fast 42-foot prototype.

Two French hulls lead the “normal” fleet in IRC B: Bernard Daurelle’s A35 Jin Tonic, about 120 miles from the finish, and Bertrand Capdevielle’s Dufour 36 Jeminy. In third place was Italian Pietro Boerio aboard the Class 9.50 Pegasus-City of Verona. Right behind is the X35 OXS Medgest of Filippo De Jorio.


Wednesday, June 18, 6 p.m. – With six hours to go from Saint Tropez, the fleet is heading for the Giraglia Rock: the first hulls have already covered about fifty miles. Leading the way is Roberto Tomasini Grinover’s JV72 Robertissima III, tailed by Igor Simcic’s Esimit Europa 2, which is fighting to break the record it set in 2012.


Giraglia-coastalWednesday, June 18 – Sunny skies and mostly Grecale winds between 12 and 15 knots in Saint Tropez yesterday for the final day of coastal racing at the Giraglia Rolex Cup. The day’s trial started at 12 noon for Group A boats, 12:18 p.m. for Group B, and 12:39 p.m. for Group 0, and took place over a 19-mile course. They won the regatta Alegre by Andy Soriano (IRC 0), Elena Nova by Christian Plump (IRC A), Natalia by George Brailoiu (ORC A), Easy by Jean Marie Vidal (IRC B) and Symfony by Viacheslav Frolov (ORC B).

Everything is ready for the start of the offshore race that will get underway at 12 noon today: 241 miles long, will take the fleet past the Giraglia Rock and then on to Monaco. 213 the number of registered boats, a record number never reached in the long history of the regatta. For the first time this year, crews of only two people can also participate, and 13 boats have chosen this formula. They include Pietro D’Alì racing with Carlo Braga aboard Tenace (the Class 950 built by Alessandro Bruno) and Dede De Luca (competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics) who will race with his brother Massimo aboard the Maxi Ourdream to remember his brother Claudio “Aua” De Luca, who passed away 10 years ago. Also devised for the 2014 edition of the Giraglia Rolex Cup is a confrontation between the Italian and French navies, which will “compete” on two First 36.7s with a crew of eight each on board.

Big favorite for the real time victory is Esimit Europa 2 – current record holder with a time of 14 hours, 56 minutes and 16 seconds – on which Pierre Casiraghi will race. Eyes are also on Olly Cameron’s Mini Maxi Alegre and Niklas Zennstrom’s Ran 5. The boat to beat for the handicap victory is Laurent Camprubi’s XP44 Alizee, winner of the 2013 Giraglia Rolex Cup offshore race. Southeasterly winds of 6 to 7 knots of intensity are forecast for tomorrow at 12 noon that could increase overnight to 14 knots.

Alegre by Andy Soriano – First place IRC Group 0, also wins the Ville de Saint Tropez Trophy
Elena Nova by Christian Plump – First place IRC Group A
Natalia by George Brailoiu – First Place ORC Group A
Symfony by Viacheslav Frolov- First place ORC Group B
Easy by Jean Marie Vidal – First Place IRC Group B

Giraglia-coastalMonday, June 16 – Good weather conditions in Saint Tropez for the second day of racing at the Giraglia Rolex Cup: the wind, initially very weak, picked up at the end of the morning reaching an intensity of about 20 knots. The start signal was given at 12:59 p.m. for Group 0, 1:22 p.m. for Group A, and 1:30 p.m. for Group B.The fleet raced a course in the Gulf 19 miles long. Olly Cameron’s Alegre won on corrected time in IRC Group 0, Vincenzo Onorato’s Mascalzone Latino in IRC Group A, Przemyslav Tarnacki’s Milú III in ORC Group A. Coastal racing ends tomorrow, Tuesday, June 17. On Wednesday 18, the offshore regatta will start on the Saint Tropez – Giraglia – Monaco course. (Photo by Carlo Borlenghi)


IRC Group 0:
Ran 5 by Niklas Zennstrom 3 points
Alegre by Olly Cameron 4 points
Lupa of London by Yachting Enterprise 6 points

IRC Group A:
Vincenzo Onorato’s Mascalzone Latino 2 points
Earlybird by Hendrik Brandis 7 points
Team Vision Future by Jean Jacques Chaubard 7 points

ORC Group A:
Natalia by George Brailoiu 4 points
Milu III by Przemyslav Tarnacki 6 points
Giorgio Martin’s A-Team 8 points

A number of big names in Italian and international sailing are taking part in the Giraglia Rolex Cup, including Brad Butterworth aboard Jethou, Jochen Schumann aboard Earlybird during the Saint Tropez coastal races and on Esimit Europa 2 for the offshore race, Vasco Vascotto, Corrado Rossignoli and Cico Rapetti on Robertissima III, Carlo Castellano on Alegre and Gabriele Benussi aboard Mascalzone Latino.

Seventeen nations are represented at the Giraglia Rolex Cup: Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Holland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain,United States, Sweden and Switzerland.

Ran-5While waiting for the 250-mile “long” on the Saint Tropez – Giraglia – Monaco route, the highlight of the Giraglia Rolex Cup (a record 242 boats have registered this year), the coastal trials are being staged in the waters off the French Riviera town, with 172 boats at the start. On Sunday, the first day of competition was held under overcast conditions and variable wind. (In Carlo Borlenghi’s photo, Ran 5 by Niklas Zennstrom)

The Race Committee chose a 33-mile-long course that took competitors past the point of Rabiou continuing off La Moutte and Les Roches Fourras before returning for the finish in front of Saint Tropez.

During the regatta, the fleet faced changing weather conditions due to the disturbances affecting the Gulf of Saint Tropez these days, causing the alternation between sudden showers and moments of clearing: the wind did not fail but fluctuated between 10 and 20 knots of intensity during the day. Today the second regatta is staged.


IRC Group 0:
Ran 5 by Niklas Zennstrom
Lupa of London by Yachting Enterprise
Alegre by Olly Camerono

IRC Group A:
Vincenzo Onorato’s Mascalzone Latino
Dralion of Finis Pit
Jean Jacques Chaubard’s Team Vision Future

IRC Group B:
Easy by Jean Marie Vidal
No Limit by Pascale Barbier
Tchin Tchin by Jean Claude Bertrand

ORC Group A:
Natalia by George Brailoiu
Cippa Lippa 8 by Guido Paolo Gamucci
Giorgio Martin’s A-Team

ORC Group B:
Lima Golf 3.1 – Giorgio Gobbo’s Locaris Sailing Team
Baciottinho by Giuseppe Tadini
Symphony by Viacheslav Frolov



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