Garmin, new features for GPSMAP and echoMAP series

Screenshot 2015-03-04 at 4:01:42 p.m.Garmin Italy has launched a software update that makes new features available for the GPSMAP and echoMAP series. New features included in this update include Auto Guidance 2.0, import of waypoints, routes and tracks from other GPS instruments in GPX format, advanced features dedicated to sailing, an improvement on safety during navigation, and more. This software update is now available free of charge.

“In an ongoing effort to improve our products and provide our customers with innovative features, we are excited to make available for free this software update that adds a number of premium features to some of our most popular product series,” said Andrea D’Amato, Sales & Marketing Manager of Garmin Italy.

autoguidanceAUTOGUIDANCE 2.0
One of the technologies now available through this software update is Auto Guidance 2.0. The Auto Guidance function was an innovative and simple breakthrough to automatic route calculation for reliable and safe navigation. As of today, this technology exclusive to Garmin, offers even more functionality and features in version 2.0. Simply enter the desired destination and Auto Guidance, using map data, automatically works out the best route and avoids any obstacles along the way. With Auto Guidance 2.0 you also have the ability to edit a route, review the most dangerous points, calculate arrival times, and save planned routes. Auto Guidance 2.0 is included in BlueChart® g2 Vision cartography and is compatible with all echoMAP series devices and GPSMAPs of the 8000, 7400, 820, 1020, 721 and 527 series.

The ability to import waypoints, routes and tracks from other GPS products is now possible on all GPSMAP and echoMAP units using data in GPX format. With this development, users can retain and transfer waypoints stored in an old instrument while ensuring that all important data is retained and transferred after purchase to the new Garmin device.

For sailors, a number of wind functions dedicated to them are integrated into Garmin chartplotters to improve their performance while sailing. The new sailing page displays the virtual start line on the chart, with data fields showing laylines and regatta countdown that can be synchronized to all Garmin displays installed on the network. In addition, other features included on the sail page are wind rose, heading and course line (COG) display, drift direction and speed display, true and apparent wind data fields, and more. The new sail functions are available on all GPSMAP 8000, 7400 series and GPSMAP 820/1020.

The unique SOS safety assist feature is now available on the GPSMAP 8000 and GPSMAP 7400 series. This feature makes it easy for anyone-even those unfamiliar with on-board electronics or radio protocols-to quickly call the Coast Guard for help in an emergency situation. By simply touching the SOS button on the chartplotter’s touchscreen display, a list of possible situations (Fire, Man Overboard, etc.) is immediately displayed. Once an option is selected, the display if connected to the VHF with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) function, will send a distress call to the Coast Guard, indicating the GPS coordinates of the vessel. The message that can be easily read to rescuers saves time, avoiding panic and providing essential and necessary information for rescuers to ensure the best possible outcome.

Another feature available for the GPSMAP 8000 and GPSMAP 7400 series is the new “Home” screen layout that includes easy-to-read icons for immediate access to the Favorites, Functions, Combo and SmartMode™ pages and the ability to resize the display panes on the display. These devices also have enhanced interfaces with Axis® IP cameras and compatible FLIR® cameras, which are often used on vessels for surveillance or security. Users can now remotely control these cameras and through small touches on the display can rotate them in all directions and zoom in at will on the scenes of greatest interest (PTZ= pan, tilt, and zoom). All GPSMAPs compatible with these features have the ability to display the manual or any other PDF file directly on the screen, thanks to the built-in dual sd-card reader.

In addition to the features described so far, many GPSMAPs can now support recently announced Garmin products, including the GHP™ Reactor series of Autopilots, GMR™ xHD2 Open Array radars, and the GSD™ 25. The software update is free and available for the following product series: GPSMAP 8000, GPSMAP 7400, GPSMAP 820/1020, GPSMAP 527/721 as well as the entire echoMAP series.

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