Garbage in the sea, have you seen it too? Report it to us!

marine litterHave you seen them as well? No, unfortunately, we are not talking about dolphins leaping through the waves in front of the bow of your boat, but about trash. As Goletta Verde explains in its report “Marine Litter, the ranking of the presence of garbage in our sea sees the Adriatic Sea in the lead (with 27 floating garbage per square kilometer of sea), followed by the Tyrrhenian Sea (26 per square kilometer), the Ionian Sea (7 per square kilometer) and the “cross-border” Civitavecchia-Barcelona route (4 per square kilometer). Wanting then to rank by location, we find the coast of Castellamare di Stabia in Campania (150 waste per sq. km.) at the top, followed by the Abruzzo coast of Giulianova (100 per sq. km.) and the Gargano coast of Puglia (30 per sq. km.). In its observation, the team of Goletta Verde then recounts that, in our seas, mostly plastic waste is found: along the routes followed (see image above) a plastic waste was found every 10 minutes.

In short, although we are not at the levels of the “plastic vortex,” the infamous floating garbage island formed in the Pacific Ocean, garbage and plastic in particular are a serious environmental problem in our seas as well. The General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean (FAO) also says that more than 6 million tons of solid and hazardous materials of human origin are dumped into the world’s seas each year. And so it’s really time that even in the Mediterranean, in “our” sea, we all do even more…including telling and reporting on litter. That’s why we ask: Have you been on a boat vacation? Did you see waste? Where. Report it to us by sending an email to and all together we will ensure that the environmentalist complaint is supplemented and that public awareness of this issue is raised ever more strongly!



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