Five used ten meters, from 25,000 to 46,000 euros

Comet 303
Comet 303


Designed in 1988 by Vallicelli Studio, Comet 303 was produced until 1991. Although no longer competitive for racing, the 303 remains a hull still with good sailing potential, thanks to the more than 56 square meters of sail for 3800 kg displacement and the clean, unforced water lines. The interior layout, with the toilet aft and two separate cabins, is still current; the counter-molded furniture is definitely functional because it limits surface maintenance. Very large charting area and kitchen. Data: length. 9.50 m; wd. 3.15 m; price from 30,000 euros.

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Dehler 32


More than 570 examples left the yard from 1985 to 1996. The Van De Stadt-designed hull has traditional lines, rounded shapes, tapered ends and a relatively short waterline. Ideal for cruising even in extreme weather conditions, she allows smooth sailing; interior volumes are habitable and well distributed with two classic double cabins. The sail plan calls for 7/8 fractional rigging, one order of spreaders, a sail area of 53 sq. m. Lung. 9.60 m; wd. 3.25 m; price from 27,000 euros.

Dufour 32 Classic
Dufour 32 Classic

French shipyard Dufour’s Classic range, of which this 32-footer was in production for a full nine years, from 1996 to 2005, consists of pure cruising hulls designed by the Jakopin brothers’ J & J studio. A hull of traditional lines, with a fairly pronounced deckhouse that allows in the interior discrete heights to the bow, she has masthead rigging without steering wheels. The interior counts two double cabins, a bathroom to the right of the ladder, and a large saloon. The central dinette has a table with folding doors, while the L-shaped kitchen is of fair size. Data: length. 9.96 m; wd. 3.30 m; price from 31,000 euros.

Elan 295
Elan 295

ELAN 295
Designed by Rob Humphreys (produced from 1994 to 2001) for Elan Marine, it is modern in its water lines while having classic solutions. The movable centreboard fishing 1.3/1.6 m enhances the cruising aspect of this boat, which offers good performance even in light winds, thanks to the streamlined lines of the hull. The rigging is traditional, and the mainsail carriage is placed at the drum exit to allow freedom to maneuver in the cockpit. It weighs 2.9 t and the sail area is 54 sq. m. Internally, spaces are divided into a double berth under the bow V, a dinette with two opposite sofas for six people with a central fold-down table. Aft is provided a double cabin with closets and a toilet with shower. Data: length. 9.48 m; wd. 2.98 m; price from 36,000 euros.

Hallberg-Rassy 31
Hallberg-Rassy 31

You don’t stay in production for 16 years (1993-2009) unless you have something special. Here German Frers’ style is most noticeable in the water lines and the very elongated 7/8 sail plan. The line of the deckhouse and the large windowed windshield, protecting the cockpit, are characteristic of all H.R. models. The interior is planned with two double cabins, one aft and one forward. Data: length. 9.62 m; wd. 3.30 m; price from 46,000 euros.



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