Five must-have accessories at upcoming boat shows

September and October are approaching, and it’s time for big international trade shows: here’s a preview of five accessories that will be the talk of the town!

The Torqeedo electric outboard range lands in Italy through Selva distribution: you can choose from the Ultralight 403, Travel 503 and 1003, Cruise 2.0 and 4.0, and Deep Blue models. These are zero-impact motors that are excellent for mounting on one’s dinghy or small sailboat, equipped with a built-in sealed battery.

Manufactured by Eberpaecher, Airtronic is an air heater that lends itself to retrofit installations. The system uses fuel by drawing directly from the fuel tank and connects to on-board batteries, with very low amperage. You can control it remotely on tablets and smartphones. The 2 kW version consumes one liter of diesel fuel every three hours.

Screenshot 2014-08-25 at 12:19:09 p.m.WATT & SEA – CRUISING 300
The Watt & Sea Cruising range of hydrogenerators has expanded: the 500 W model has been “uploaded” to 600 and the French company has introduced the new 300 W (24 amps at 12 V). Practical, quiet, and capable of generating power even at low speeds, the hydrogenerators are designed to minimize friction with water when in operation and are easily lifted by an intuitive hoist system.

Antal has come up with Roller, an innovative resealable bollard: the result of a patented system, it is the only bollard that opens and closes even when the line is wrapped around it and under stress. A single hand gesture on either arm is all it takes to take advantage of the additional function: a ceramic safety ball takes care of keeping the bollard in the open or closed position. Roller is available (in 4 sizes for boats up to 70 feet) in black and silver anodized aluminum.

Sea intakes and valves, if they break while underway, are likely to do great damage. If you have to make a repair at sea, instead of using the classic cork rely on Seabung, a flexible rubber rod that you stick into pipes that has a kind of “umbrella” at its end that seals the socket and prevents water from entering while you repair the leak.



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