Finot-Conq 53: going on a cruise and feeling at the Vendeé Globe

vueex6hightIt only takes a glance to realize that when the Finot-Conq group designed the lines of this new 53-footer, they had a very powerful muse and one they knew well: the Imoca 60 starring in the most prestigious round-the-world solo race: the Vendeé Globe. This project came to life after the French group won a tender put out by a German shipowner with extensive sailing experience who, to make sure he did not make the wrong choice, put several designers to the test and then chose to bet on our transalpine cousins. Why bother with so many pencils for a 53-foot one-off? We don’t know, so for now we are just taking a close look at the drawings of this Finot-Conq 53, for which construction work will begin soon, scheduled to end in early 2016. Comfort, care in finishing, sturdiness, the ability to sail anywhere and in any condition while guaranteeing safety, speed, and ease of handling even with a small crew-these were the essential ingredients demanded by the owner and which ignited the sparks of the challenge.
In terms of hull speed, the focus is on ease of gliding: a’Wide hull with significant maximum beam (5.23 m) ensures ample surface area to run the boat, the upwind sail plan of 172 square meters will be balanced by a Very deep keel with the drift blade capable of retracting and bringing the draft from 3.5 to 1.6 meters. What about the ease of conducting? All maneuvers are concentrated in the wheelhouse area to make it easy for even one person to steer. Chapter construction at the pinnacle of technology: carbon, pre-peg, high-quality resins give lightness and strength, as required, for a weight of 10.5 tons. Thought was also given to the stability of the boat when conditions become more extreme: Two ballasts of 1 ton of water each are capable of siphoning water from one side to the other in a short time thanks to a pump system. The comfort of the interior is resolved in three cabins: two large and one with bunk beds. The kitchen is L-shaped.

cockpit detail


Lung. 17,33 m
Larg. 5,26 m
Pesc. 1,60/3,5 m
Displacement. 10,5 t
Sup. vel. 172 sq m upwind, 340 sq m to the carriers
FC53-A600-sail plan2



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