“Explorers of the Sea,” maritime literature review returns to Lerici: with many new features

lericiFor the 2014 edition of “Explorers of the Sea,” the well-established review of seafaring literature and culture, writers, historians, sociologists, and investigative journalists will descend on the Lerici (La Spezia) stretch of water from Sept. 19 to 21. Unique in Italy, the literary kermesse has writers and readers navigate not only between the pages of books but also on sailboats, the schooner Holofernes and the leudo Zigoela, which this year will lead a small fleet whose members will include, in addition to the Quinto Remo, boats made available by UISP members and a flotilla of Latin sails.

Among the writers “on stage,” there will also be two of our old acquaintances: first and foremost Fabio Pozzo, who with Cino Ricci co-wrote “Odiavo i Velisti,” an amusing autobiography of the most likeable sailor from Romagna. HERE is the article introducing the book, published by Longanesi (240 pp., 16.40 euros). Then Roberto Soldatini (who performed for us at the last TAG Heuer VELAFestival), a conductor, composer and cellist of the highest caliber who currently lives on his sailboat, alternating between six months of solo sailing and six months of mooring in Naples each year to winter. From his experience came a book, “Music in the Sea (Nutrimenti editions, pp. 192, 16 euros).

Of course, there will be no shortage of new navigator-explorers such as Patrizio Roversi, sailor by chance, who took to the sea again with Adriatica, captained by Philip Mennuni, on Magellan’s route with the Pigafetta500 project (2019 will mark 500 years of the first circumnavigation of the globe) and the crew of Mediterranea, the expedition captained by writer and journalist Simone Perotti which will sail the Mare Nostrum for five years to weave new cultural routes under the banner of co-sailing and a new way of life. Real explorations into the darkest secrets of marine environmental disasters, on the other hand, are those conducted by Sondra Coggio and Nicolò Carnimeo, authors of The Gulf of Poisons and How Deep is the Sea, respectively, who in Lerici will take stock of illegalities and abuses in the Big Blue. It is the Mediterranean, with all its contradictions, that is the great protagonist of this edition. It is explored with readers by Franco Cardini, a celebrated historian, who in his book The Big Blue has traced its events and protagonists from antiquity to the present. While current crises are discussed with Gianluca Solera, author of Mediterranean Redemption, a reportage on the causes and consequences of the Arab Spring, and during the Mare Nostrum conference with testimonies from the Navy and Port Authority commands engaged on the front lines of the humanitarian emergency. On the pros and cons of Large Ship Cruises will be discussed with various industry players in a panel discussion. The crew of explorer-writers then includes. Fabio Flowers, author of Anemos and Thalassa, two cult books on the winds and waters of the Mediterranean, respectively; Mario Dentone, whose novels inspired by Geppin of Moneglia, aka Giuseppe Vallauro, nineteenth-century maritime master, brought to life stories of seafaring adventures made in Italy that have nothing to envy from the British (in Lerici preview presentation of the novel Il signore delle burrasche. In Lerici also an editorial rediscovery: Sergio Albeggiani‘s The Distant Islands. The travelogue of a Sicilian couple, forerunners of all sea wanderers. A long-forgotten book rediscovered thanks to the Lisca Bianca recovery project, the Albeggians’ boat that will sail again for solidarity projects. A space dedicated to naval history and maritime traditions could not be missing from the review: Massimo Annati, author of All’arrembaggio, will explore twenty-five centuries of naval battles; Gianni Boscolo will lead readers to explore lighthouses around the world, amid legends and technology; Alfredo Mosso will hold a lecture-meeting on the secrets of seamanship. And for those who like to see the sea from a different perspective: Leonardo d’Imporzano with the book Palombiro exploration among the secrets of Navy divers. And for the incredible sailings corner, the stories of
Marco Amoretti and Marco de Candia
who crossed the Atlantic in two old cars. Instead, a sea in verse is the one proposed by poet Donatella Zanello. A large seafood bookstore will be open during the review at which boardings can be reserved. There are many side events, on the water and on land: regattas for the youngest and treasure hunts for the youngest, concerts in the Piazza, demonstrations by the Italian Rescue Dog School, and boat explorations in the Gulf of Poets (organized by Uisp). Marinaresche by maritime commanders and three exhibitions, “Aeolus in the Roses of the Winds” and “True Routes and Fantastic Routes” by Antonio Barrani at the Lerici Castle where there will also be an opportunity to try to broadcast a radio message with the initiative of the Cisar Tigullio amateur radio association. While at the Circolo Vela Erix a photo exhibition “The Sea, Its Life, Its Context” dedicated to Marco Mamino, the event’s official photographer who recently passed away.




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