Errol Flynn: the pirate Captain Blood who loved sailboats in life

Before Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean” (by the way, the fifth installment of the Disney saga is expected in this very 2017) there was Errol Flynn in “Captain Blood.” Errol Flynn was the most famous pirate of the 1930s. Protagonist on sailing ships not only on the big screens, but also in real life: Errol Flynn was an avid sailor and owner of several boats.
Sirocco KARENITA Racing
In 1938 he became owner of Sirocco a 75-foot wooden ketch designed by John Alden.

Instead, in 1946 he purchased Zaca, a 36-meter schooner built by Nunes Brothers and designed by Garland Rotch in 1929 asone of the most luxurious yachts ever built.
Errol_Flynn's_ZacaLaunched on the eve of the Great Depression, this vessel has sailed through seventy years of history going from one extraordinary adventure to another. Errol Flynn purchased Zaca his ‘dream ship‘ from speculator Joe Rosenberg. Flynn completely renovated the yacht, painting it white, in 1946, in the company of his ‘crew, his scientist father, marine biologist Carl Hubbs, an assortment of actors, relatives, and a film crew, sailed to Acapulco on a ‘scientific expedition’ that turned into a fiasco. After everyone abandoned ship in Acapulco, Flynn hired a Mexican crew and rented Zaca to Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth for the filming of “The Lady from Shanghai.” In 1947, Zaca reappeared in Port Antonio, Jamaica, which Flynn would call his home. Sailing the Mediterranean in 1950 with a Jamaican crew, Zaca would later end up at the Palma de Mallorca Sailing Club, where he and third wife Patrice Wymore would live aboard




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