Electronic boating registry, finally here we go!


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mooring-in-portThe government has finally approved the implementing decree for the long-awaited “Telematic Register of Recreational Boating,” strongly desired by Ucina and which, according to experts from Confindustria nautica, “will simplify administrative paperwork, promote transparency, give new impetus to nautical leasing and reduce controls at sea.” A kind of Pra for boats, as already exists for the automobile. Fabio Pozzo writes in La Stampa:

This platform allows for the complete computerization of boat registrations and boat document issuing methods.

The approval of the long-awaited Presidential Decree implementing the “Telematic Register of Boating” fills a major gap that saw Italy still record pleasure boats and ships on paper books, scattered among the peripheral offices of various administrations. Specifically, the “Central Telematics System of Recreational Boating” (SISTE) and the “Telematics Desk for Boaters” (STED) are established at the Department of Transportation. The former to collect and guard unit data, the latter to interact with citizens. Now the administrations concerned have 120 days to make them fully operational. The new system will make it possible for boaters to make use of any maritime office, civil DMV or authorized agency indifferently, ensuring an organic and widely distributed range of services throughout the territory.

In fact, the STED provides for the issuance and updating of the navigation license, the annotation of changes of a technical, legal or safety nature, and the issuance of a duplicate in case of theft and loss. The STED also issues the safety certificate, certificate of proficiency, of temporary navigation authorization and provisional license in cases provided by law. In order to carry out all this paperwork, therefore, it will no longer be necessary to go to the office of the authority that issued the boat documents, but it will be possible to go to any authorized agency, as is already the case for the car. SISTE, on the other hand, by associating-from the very beginning of the production or import of a new unit-the “chassis” number and the “license plate” number, finally gives certainty to ownership, solving one of the problems that have prompted banks and finance companies to disinvest from nautical leasing. In addition, with the new system, law enforcement authorities will be able to carry out most of the legal checks on the basis of telematic access, a circumstance denied today by the practical impossibility of tracing the license plate back to ownership. “The Telematics Registry is a fundamental tool to the revitalization of the sector, together with the reform for the unbureaucratization of the Boating Code that we managed to get off the ground in the Senate,” – comments the president of Confindustria Nautica, Massimo Perotti, with satisfaction, thanking the Minister of Transport, Lupi.

Also. A new simplification circular also extends to ships of up to 36 passengers the procedures already applied to “commercial yachts” limited to 12 guests: for them, too, the paperwork for arrival and departure at each individual berth disappears (a way to encourage the incoming of international superyachts to Italian shores).



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