D’Alema at Rome for One: story of a well-cooked “April Fool’s Day”


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d-alema-fish-aprilMany of you fell for it. But that the Fatto Quotidiano would also bite on our April Fool’s joke we just never expected. The newspaper edited by Padellaro today headlined “Massimo D’Alema runs alone. Sailing to Rome for One,” taking up the fake news that we had published this morning in which the former premier announced that he had signed up in extremis for the new solo regatta starting April 6, aboard an Akilaria 950.

Yet the clues that this was a hoax were all there: starting with the name of the boat, “Swordfish.” And from the name of the weather support team, “Pezmeteo.com” (“pez” is Spanish for “fish”). The news made the rounds on the net, especially on social media, sparking a veritable uproar of comments: some even said that “having a politician on board could be a way to cheat on fees.”

Toward evening, we received a call in the newsroom from friends close to the Rome for One organization, who could barely hold back their laughter: “We were inundated with calls,” they told us, “and we just didn’t deny it.

Dear D’Alema, we look forward to your “counterfishing” and invite you to show up on the starting line next April 6!

And now let’s have fun reading some of the many comments that appeared under the news published by The Daily Fact:

“Here’s another one, he took the loot (with your votes), ran away, and now he’s there enjoying life, while the lobotomized after voting for these people, and being left in absolute poverty, maybe even have the courage to re-vote PD. We are still waiting for Renzi to scrap D’Alema ahahahah the illusionist never fails!”

“…and the boat returned alone and said: better alone than badly accompanied (by Comrade D’Alema).”

“”Everyone can afford a boat” (CIT. d’Alema).
Speaking of him, but hadn’t he also become, as of last year, president of the Association for the Preservation of the Norcia Truffle.On that occasion he stated that he would make the Norcia Truffle an “intangible asset of UNESCO.” Did he succeed???
P.S.: Sailboats, Norcia truffles, etc. Real proletarian stuff!

“the route doesn’t seem to present major risks. too bad.”

“While Rodotà, Grasso, M5s, and part of the Italian people are discussing the reform of the Senate constituent finds nothing better than to take a sailboat ride! A social class not affected by the crisis is Kasta!”



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