D60 Spectre, when the boat to make two edges is 18 meters long and is from mr. North Sails

d-60The dream boat of the evolved, refined and, why not, affluent sailor is this one: it is called Spectre, is 18 meters long and is a daysailer, that is, a yacht for making two edges in the day and, perhaps a swim and then returning home for the evening. It is bidding to become a cult object in the coming years.

The owner of this luxurious boat, with its purest lines and awe-inspiring aesthetics, is Mr. North Sails, 44-year-old Briton Peter Dubens, i.e.,the new owner of the world’s largest and most famous sailmaker and investment fund Oakley Capital. The design is also by a sailing legend, the firm of German Frers and his son Mani, the ones, to be clear, who design the Swan, Halberg Rassy and many of the Wallys. But the builder, the Italian (Bergamo-based to be exact) Persico Marine shipyard specializing in one-off constructions of the highest caliber, is no less impressive. The new Farr 60s that will participate in the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race and the Luna Rossa catamaran have just emerged from its sheds. But the list of famous names who have contributed to the creation of this jewel is not over. The project manager who oversaw the construction and fine-tuning is Britain’s James Stagg, a renowned sailor who was part of the 2013 British America’s Cup team and is now the head of the Ben Ainslie Racing shore team, the team that the great Olympic champion of the same name set up to try to steal the America’s Cup from the Americans and bring it back to England, where it has been missing since 1851.

But Mr. North Sails’ realized dream will probably not remain unique. It seems that there are already at least five/six other shipowners interested in getting this super daysailer and then racing each other in pure yachting gentleman style, family in short. This new one-design class (which can also race under IRC regulations) called D60, also has the advantage of having only six crew members due to electric winches and gennaker whip. When you think that a maxi yacht, which performs similarly to the D 60, needs at least 15 crew members to be maneuvered in a race, you can see why at Frers Studio and the Italian shipyard are optimistic about the success of the initiative.

Spectre from Persico’s headquarters in Brembo, in the province of Bergamo was brought to La Spezia for tuning. The final destination, however, is more exclusive. The fitting-out port will be Saint Tropez, capital of the French Riviera. Spectre is, of course, all carbon, 4.80 meters wide with an almost total absence of momentum allowing a waterline length of 17.1 meters compared to an overall length of just over 18 meters.

This project is the evolution of another mythical daysailer that in summer is often seen sailing at unthinkable speeds in Costa Smeralda, Ciao Gianni (in honor of Gianni Agnelli). The photo you see to the side is of the “almost twin” Ciao Gianni, also designed by German Frers, which is owned by French-American Jack Setton, a billionaire with a lifelong passion for yachts and owner of some of the most beautiful boats on the planet.



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