D-Marin, an efficient network in Croatia, Greece and Turkey


Turkey, Croatia and Greece are always among the most popular destinations for those sailing in the Mediterranean. There is precisely in these three nations a network of ten ports (four in Turkey, three in Greece and Croatia, with a total of about 9,000 berths) under D-Marin Marinas. Among them we had a chance to transit Lefkas, “the gateway” to the splendid archipleago of the Ionian Islands. The wharves can accommodate up to 620 boats up to 45 meters in length, to which are added another 280 places on land and a travel lift capable of lifting up to 150 tons.

Last year we went to another marina in the group, the one in Gocek. It is a jewel set in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Turkish coastline, perfectly integrated into the area thanks in part to Ingemar’s environmentally friendly breakwaters. With its 380 berths and various onshore services, not only technical but also restaurants, bars, and stores to stock the galley, it is an ideal place to keep your boat, also due to its proximity to Dalaman International Airport. www.d-marin.com





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