Crowdfunding to save Black Swan? Why not!


When words succeed in mobilizing action, it means they have achieved their goal. Do you remember thearticle published some time ago about theabandonment of the Black Swan, the boat of former Forza Italia deputy Amedeo Matacena, who was finally convicted of mafia charges? The power of the web got that article all the way to Austria where it caught the attention of Peter Burcha, among the leaders of the nonprofit association 786 Global Tour, an NGO that works to protect seafaring by engaging people in discovering the wonders of vintage yachts but also by carrying out initiatives to raise awareness toward the urgent need to protect our seas. Well, Peter read our article, was enraptured by the Black Swan story, and wrote us this email:

“I came across your article and discovered the incredible story of Black Swan and its shameful state of decline. This yacht represents one of the best successful and still existing examples of the classic sailing ship. After reading, I gathered more information that confirmed how quickly the boat is deteriorating, given its current state of neglect: within a short time, if nothing is done, it will become a pile of wood good only to brighten a fireplace. Through my association I decided to mobilize to save the Black Swan from this unjust fate., I immediately put a site online to find potential funders for the restoration as well as to gather as much information as possible about this unique 1899 Camper&Nicholson. I found an obstacle in my search for information, however, because the borker holding the boat is not cooperating, as he has sniffed the possibility of his portfolio being deprived of a lucrative deal. I am trying hard to make contact with the bank (the nautical department of Milan-based Cerved Credit Management Group S.r.l.), but so far without success.”


Peter therefore appeals to all sea enthusiasts to save this marvel and to anyone who had information about the history of this beautiful sailing ship. And a final call to the bank holding the boat to cooperate in its salvation.



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