Corsica for two/for all, returning 20 years after the first edition

corsica-for-two-for-allConfirming the Italians’ desire to sail, “long-range” regattas are popping up like mushrooms. In addition to numerous new features, there are welcome returns. Like the Corsica for Two/For All, which 20 years after its first edition (in 1994) is back with pomp and circumstance, departing next May 10 from the Gulf of Tigullio.

route-corsica-for-twoTHE PATH.
The course is simple, departing from the Gulf of Tigullio, circling the island counterclockwise (leaving Corsica and all the French islands and reefs to the left) and returning to Lavagna, a total of about 400 miles on an extremely varied course, with stretches of true offshore and others of inshore sailing.

In the classic tradition of offshore sailing, crews are not allowed to receive outside assistance, but boats can make technical pit stops ashore make repairs and take on materials, water or fuel. As the name suggests, the regatta is open to two types of crews, those consisting of two people, and full crews, which must consist of at least three people. Participating boats, whether monohull or multihull, are divided into classes according to their overall length, from the Open 30 with a minimum limit at 8 meters to the Foxtrot with no upper limit. In case there are not at least three entries per class, they will be merged with the class above, but they can still compete for the so-called “line honors” i.e., overall and real time victory. For both the overall and class titles, however, participants will race in real time, with no compensation whatsoever, so the first to cross the finish line is the winner. The first-place boats in each grouping will be awarded the Corsica Trophy for Two or All, while special prizes will go to the first competitor to pass the Lavezzi Lighthouse and the first to cross the finish line in the Tigullio Gulf overall.

The start of the 2014 edition of Corsica for Two/For All is scheduled, after the usual safety checks and briefings for crews, for Saturday, May 10 at 6 p.m. from the waters off the port of Lavagna. Instead, the awards ceremony is scheduled for the following Saturday, May 17. Organizers will be able to count on the active cooperation of the Port of Lavagna SpA this year, which will offer berthing to all registered yachts from May 4 to May 25. The Safety World company, on the other hand, will give its contribution in terms of safety, with the rescue briefing while the specialists from Navimeteo, will give their contribution for weather advice, during the briefing and throughout the course of the regatta. The Wsail sailmaker will offer technical assistance at special conditions and gadgets for the event.

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