Christmas is coming, it’s time for “sea wolf” gifts

Take a deep breath yes, Christmas is coming again this year and yes, you need to buy something for all family members, even Australian relatives (if they come to the dinner on the 24th). Plus the mood is not at its best these days, partly because of the cold, partly because of the boat hulling. In our own small way, we try to guide you to some sea-scented purchases that are also good for city and mountain life this season.


C_B_SailingSite_ENLet’s Get Dressed Again
In-stock garments welcome the newest Helly Hansen with the lowest prices on the market flanking, among others, the U.S. Navy Jacket perfect for feeling like a sea dog every day, even among traffic and city buildings.

Useful for winter
In low temperatures and in the humidity of rain or snow we recommend the waterproof Lizard overboot and the Spin boot

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Cruising even in winter
Are you going on a cruise to the Caribbean or warm weather? Do you simply want to anticipate shopping for the summer? Here are the evergreens of the category: Konus binoculars, Mariner folding bicycle, Magna barbecue, cabin wind sleeve, and last but not least the Andy Duck for extremely easy mooring and buoy catching.

Hi-Tech Gifts
, watches, discounted VHF,Tablet and Smat-Phone protectors. Everything a shrewd navigator should have, plus the perfect gift for Christmas, for sailors and non-sailors alike, the Vaavud, a difficult name for an ingenious object, the first anemometer that can be plugged into Tablets and Smat-Phones.


W fun in the roadstead
We dropped anchor, okay and now? do we take the sun? Maybe our lady really feels like it but we and the kids don’t really and so what better than the Airpot inflatable deck,Aquaglide-Multisport Sup or Kayak to have fun until cocktail hour?

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