But don’t we learn anything from the past? The limit for cruise ships in Portofino is reduced to less than 600 meters!

Time passes, tragedies are forgotten. The Costa Concordia accident had claimed the lives of thirty-two people (110 injured). Just over three years after the disaster, a Port Authority ordinance stipulates that from today cruise ships will be allowed to arrive closer to the Portofino Natural Marine Protected Area. And not by a small margin: by lowering the no-passable limit from 0.7 miles to 0.3 miles: 556 meters
. “A slap in the face to a unique place,” say those of Legambiente, “an outrageous and dangerous ordinance” that ” hurts the environment and tourism.”

After the Concordia case, the “routes decree” of ministers Corrado Passera and Corrado Clini had moved the boundary of protected areas for cruise ships to 2 miles from the coast.
Even then, the associations considered the law reductive since it did not cover “valuable unprotected territories such as Capri, the Aeolian Islands or Pantelleria, where bows are still allowed,” as explained by Sebastiano Venneri and Santo Grammatico, Legambiente’s sea manager and president of Legambiente Liguria. A few months passed, and the rules for the Portofino MPA changed, thanks to a waiver that reduced the limit that could not be crossed to 0.7 miles from the coast. And today we arrive at 0.3 miles. You will realize that it is very little indeed.

What if Portofino’s case spread like wildfire, opening all MPAs to apply for exceptions to the established distance?
This is the fear of Legambiente, which calls on Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti to intervene as soon as possible and extend the constraints of the broken decree to all smaller islands and fragile areas even outside park areas. What do you think?



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