Boat Ecology, come to Genoa and learn how to make your boat efficient and “green”

ph_BOATECOLOGY_refit_01Do you need to operate a refit on your boat? Why not opt for the environmentally sustainable option? To understand how to do it, just come to the TAG Heuer VELAFestival. With its own booth, Boat Ecology Eco-Efficiency in the Yachting World, a network of companies that introduces environmental sustainability and efficiency as guiding principles for the success of the boating industry, will be present, proposing the application of policies and technologies that benefit the port and shipowners. “We believe that for the nautical sector, ecology and sustainability constitute a formidable driver of innovation and development as well as representing a fundamental value of contemporaneity,” says Matteo Bartolomeo president of Avanzi-Sustainability for Actions, the leader of the network of companies from which Boat Ecology was born.

Boat Ecology is a network of enterprises that operates as system integrator in the application of the best practices and of the best available technologies in the field of eco-efficiency applied to port facilities and yachts whose mission is to spread environmentally friendly technological innovation in the world of yachting and promote environmental culture. It participates with its team at VELAFestival to present its services to an audience of boating enthusiasts and professionals. The expertise offered to port facilities and shipyards falls within the scope of technological innovation and management systems aimed at reducing costs, increasing attractiveness to customers and the level of competitiveness against competitors. To owners and captains, on the other hand, Boat Ecology offers a turnkey service for eco-efficient refit of sailing and motor boats, aimed at increasing the range and comfort on board and protecting the economic value of boats over time.

Network companies ensure, each with its own expertise, a multidisciplinary and integrated approach: Leftovers has been involved in research, consulting and incubation in the field of environmental innovation since 1997; Montana of environmental management, waste management, environmental engineering, remediation, environmental impact assessments and permitting; Greenville|KW is instead an engineering company specializing in consulting, design and development of energy efficiency and sustainability solutions; Alchema deals with project management, permitting, financing of large infrastructure projects; RGS works in the field of industrial and environmental risk assessment, prevention and management, environmental impact assessment, environmental impact reduction technologies.



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