Best of 2013 – A Sup-er tour in cold Alaska. VIDEO

It begs the question: but if Hawaii has a fantastic sea with a climate that makes the whole world envious, who would make three great Hawaiian athletes go board-and-paddle across the Alaskan ice?
The urge to explore! Here is the answer, because after all, Stand Up Paddle is not just a simple summer sport, it is also a means to reach even where there is no human trace. And so Robby Naish, multiple world champion and living windsurfing legend, Kay Lenny, 2011 world stand up paddle champion, and Kevin Langeree, a professional kitesurfer, decided to go and poke around in a landscape very different from the much more welcoming one where they live; a landscape where nature is still unspoiled and wild, and where it seems incredible to be able to practice any board sport. Starting from the town of Seward in the Gulf of Alaska and using a support boat, the three champions traveled through bays, fjords, and rivers paddling their boards and also looking for spots to do some surfing. What better example is there than theirs to demonstrate the versatility of sup and the fact that it can be practiced anywhere? Below you can enjoy the video titled “Tidal bores, meteorites and avalanches – Alaska revealed,” which is interesting not only because of the images captured but also because it is a great starting point for you in planning a trip of sports and exploration in unusual places. And of unusual places there are many, even without going too far, even in a more familiar place like the Mediterranean, rediscovering it, beyond your boat, in a different and original way.

Tidal bores, meteorites and avalanches – Alaska revealed from Naish International on Vimeo.



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