Beneteau lands at TAG Heuer VELAFestival with its Oceanis fleet

beneteau-al-velafestivalThe French giant Beneteau could not miss the TAG Heuer VELAFestival. A grand presence, with as many as four boats on the water from 34 to 48 feet, available to visitors.

oceanis-34OCEANIS 34

This is the intermediate model between the 31- and 37-footers in the French shipyard’s Oceanis line that, like its sisters, does not fail to capture attention. Water lines designed by Finot Conq and interiors defined by Italian studio Nauta made it possible to create a cruising boat with good sailing performance that offers livable space below deck. Available with two or three cabins: the first solution provides a single room with a transverse bed in the stern, while the second provides the twin aft cabins. Lft: 10.34 m; wd.: 3.65 m; sup. vel.: 56 sq. m; draught: 1.82 m; disl.: 5620 kg.

oceanis-41OCEANIS 41

One can hardly say that when Beneteau decides to turn the tables, he doesn’t get it right. The Oceanis 41 is the model that perhaps most embodies the French shipyard’s new philosophy, marking a remarkable change from the past. In particular, the utilization of the interior and cockpit spaces is impressive in terms of habitability. Finot Conq’s design focuses on the presence of the edge in the hull, which appears important here not only for balance in navigation, but also, as we shall see, in the exploitation of interior space. The fold-down transom ensures the presence of a huge bathing platform. The double wheelhouse, for its part, leaves a convenient central passageway free. The cockpit is clear, partly because the presence of the rollbar (an important stylistic choice) allows the mainsail sheet to be placed here. The center table support can accommodate the chart Gps, while the rest of the instrumentation is within easy reach of the helmsman, immediately forward of the two wheels. In the interiors, we start with the Oceanis 41’s access staircase, which is really poorly sloped and protected. In the saloon, the C-shaped dinette on the starboard side is fronted by a double sofa that can be modulated by moving a coffee table. There is no real charting area, while the kitchen, which is really super-accessorized, is striking. Several layouts are planned for the sleeping area. The basic one includes two cabins and ample storage space aft on the port side. But there is also the three-cabin, two-bathroom arrangement, with the bow one reserved for the owner. Lft: 12.38 m; wid.: 4.20 m; sup. sail: 83.80 sq m; draught: 2.05 m; displ.: 8450 kg

oceanis-45OCEANIS 45
Probably the best ratio of length to space on board. The influence of the Sense range can also be seen in this new Oceanis model, which like the 41 and 48 focuses on record-breaking habitability. To increase interior volume without sacrificing the cockpit, the transom can be equipped with an electric system that allows it to be opened. The cockpit is clear, thanks to the presence of a rollbar that accommodates the mainsheet circuit. The deckhouse, seen in profile, is not overly accentuated, but its design allows for considerable interior space. They were conceived by the Nauta studio. On the Oceanis 45, as on its two new siblings, it is possible to install Dock & Go technology, which includes the increasingly popular maneuvering joystick. Already last year, 50 percent of all the yard’s models that included it as an option fitted it at the request of new owners at the time of purchase. Lft.: mt.13.75; wid.: mt.4.49; displ.: ton. 9.55; draught: mt. 2.15; sup. vel.: mq. 100.5.

oceanis-48OCEANIS 48

Volume and spaciousness characterize the Oceanis 48, the brainchild of Berret & Racoupeau in collaboration with Nauta Design for the interior. Customization of interior spaces reigns supreme: versions from 2 to 5 cabins are available. This is an imposing boat characterized by a surprisingly large cockpit: once the swim platform is lowered, it integrates with the cockpit itself, creating an unusual space. Lft: mt.14.6; wd.: mt.4.74; sup. vel.: 112 sq. m; draught: 2.17-1.96 m; disl.: ton. 13.3.






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