Become a Nauticplace Card holder, 10 euros are free

Become a Nauticplace Card holder, 10 euros are free, Italy’s largest nautical accessories and products store, has just launched an interesting new initiative, the Nauticplace Card, to celebrate its first birthday. Countless benefits this loyalty card promises. The most obvious is the 10 euro discount that is automatically credited on an online purchase. But there are many other privileges and benefits that come with the Nauticplace Card. Obtaining it is very easy.

Loyalty cards are now commonplace in the commercial world. They allow economic benefits and privileges to the customer who becomes a loyal buyer of a brand or store’s products. To fill a void, Italy’s first in the boating world, the e-commerce site for accessories and products, has launched its loyalty card, the Nauticplace Card. The occasion for the launch is its first birthday; in just one year has in fact become the top Italian site in the industry with 4,000 active customers who have purchased products of all kinds, from portable VHFs to boat barbecues, from U.S. Navy jackets to small portable anemometers.

10 EUROS OFF RIGHT AWAY. The most obvious benefit for the Nauticplace Card holder is a 10 euro discount that is automatically credited if the purchase is over an amount of 99 euros. You basically buy for 100 euros and pay only 90 euros.

ADVANCED DELIVERY. Another important advantage, especially in the world of e-commerce, is to have priority over other non-Card-holding customers in handling the order and shipping the purchased products home. Prefential line and privileged delivery then to Nauticplace Card holders.

FREE TECHNICAL CONSULTATION. Figuring out which product is right is not easy by browsing through more than 6,000 products in Nauticplace’s online store. Nauticplace Card holders have an expert on hand who can give valuable advice on making the right choice. No small advantage!

DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS. Throughout the year, Card holders find dozens of particularly attractive products at special prices, lower than the official ones. They are also periodically informed of exclusive offers by e-mail.

INVITATIONS TO EXCLUSIVE EVENTS. Presentations, regatta conventions, boat shows. Nauticplace Card holders receive periodic information and invitations to events related to the world of the sea and boating and, through special arrangements, may also have discounts or free admission.


Becoming a Nauticplace Card holder is easy. All those who are already customers of have already received the Nauticplace Card. For other enthusiasts, simply become a customer of Italy’s largest nautical e-commerce site by making an initial purchase of any amount, even a few euros. A few seconds after completing the purchase, the new customer will receive by email the Nauticplace Card and, most importantly, the valuable code that allows him to get the 10 euro discount on any subsequent purchase over 99 euros, He will also be able to take advantage of the other privileges reserved for Loyalty Card holders.





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