Automatic pilots, which ones to choose? Our review

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What’s on the market for automatic pilots for your sailboat? Here is our review from the2015 Accessories Yearbook.

Designed to be installed virtually anywhere with ease (thanks to the square shape of the angle sensor) and without orientation constraints, Garmin’s new GHP Reactor pilots make use of a 9-axis solid-state compass and reference system (AHRS) that minimizes deviation and course errors, thereby reducing rudder movement and power consumption, ensuring accurate and comfortable course keeping. Price: from €1649

furunoFURUNO / NAVPILOT 700/711/720
NAVpilot is an autopilot designed for different types of vessels. It uses an adaptive, self-learning software algorithm that provides maximum course keeping capability. Design and coloring of the NAVpilot 700, 711, and 720 series models have been specifically designed to be in line with the latest generations of Furuno recreational equipment (NAVnet 3D, FI-50 series, GP-33, and RD-33).

NKE’s Multigraphic offers a 5.7-inch color display with LED technology, extra large, capable of displaying AIS targets on one page and provides collision course calculation; it has a built-in NMEA input that allows all received data to be displayed. In addition, it is an accurate autopilot for sailing.

It has a sunlight-visible color display with graphical display of rudder angle, heading and course followed. It takes advantage of ALIST technology by which, depending on sea conditions, it learns the sensitivity to be used in rudder adjustment. Certain gaits can be set instantly by pressing the appropriate button: man overboard recovery maneuver; reverse course; sport fishing specific zig zag; and circular search path. Prices: from €2438.78

Raymarine Evolution autopilots integrate an EV core that combines 9-axis solid-state directional sensors with the autopilot processor in a rugged, easy-to-install body; waterproof and submersible to IPX6 and IPX7 standards, they can be mounted above or below deck to suit your needs. Prices: from €1,457.90

simradSIMRAD / AP28
Simrad AP28 has a large LCD display with an intuitive interface. Setup control, allows access to many functions and visualization of performance. It requires no rudder feedback unit for operation and has a sophisticated control algorithm that makes precise and smooth turns possible under any conditions. Price: €1096.78

B&G’s pilot for “normal” cruising boats and not just pulled racing boats. The display is all new, and the technology includes a Gyro sensor and a computer that can track all kinds of routes and navigation. Price: about €370

seiwaSEIWA/ AP01
The Seiwa AP01 is distinguished by operational simplicity and is suitable for both sailing and motor boats. Using a smarrì system, the course is optimized based on boat speed, trim, and weather conditions. The gyro compass is solid state, and the device has two inputs and one NMEA output for integration with on-board instrumentation. Price: €1537



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