Attached optional with June’s SAIL “Sailing by the Rules of the Boating Code”

10With the June issue of the Sailing Newspaper on newsstands you can find enclosed (at the price of 15.90 euros including the magazine) the handbook “Sailing by the Rules of the Boating Code.” to learn how to extricate yourself in the quagmire of Italian laws and regulations governing boating.

How many times have you happened to be stopped by one of the countless authorities delegated (too many!) to sea controls? And how many times have you been caught with something that was not perfectly legal? Italian laws and regulations governing boating are many (too many), sometimes absurd (often). The result is that there is almost always something wrong, both with regard to documentation and equipment on board, and with regard to navigation regulations. In order to make the intricate and cumbersome Italian legislation as simple and understandable as possible, without losing one’s mind, comes the handbook “Navigating According to the Rules of the Boating Code,” an indispensable volume for sea-goers. Without distinction.

100 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS that explain how to sail without surprises Summarize everything that the Boating Code and its Implementing Regulations stipulate in terms of navigation, safety, ship documents and behavior at sea.
700 QUIZES that test your preparedness These are the ones you will have to be able to answer to pass the soon-to-be-enacted quiz exam required to obtain a boating license and cover all aspects of boating “theory”.

THE BOATING CODE in full, article-by-article version The full text of the 2005 Legislative Decree, which is the basic legal reference for the regulations governing the boating industry.
THE RULES which explains how best to follow the law Promulgated as a practical complement to the Code through another Decree, it collects all the operational guidance that enables one to interpret the regulatory instructions in the right way.

Format: 16×23.5 cm, 324 pages



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