An island in Sardinia? It costs as much as an apartment in Milan!

island 8Do you know how much a 150-square-meter apartment (with terrace) in a semi-central area in Milan costs? 1.5 million. The same amount you would spend if you decided to buy a beautiful private island in the Mediterranean. You heard right: the Island of Mal Ventre, located a few miles off the northeast coast of Sardinia (about 130 miles from Porto Cervo) is for sale!

It is a now uninhabited islet of 200 acres in area. Its maximum diameter measures 2 kilometers, and its highest point is 18 meters above sea level. The only human traces are the ruins of an old shepherd’s dwelling, a well, and some foundations and columns from the Roman period-the latter could be exploited and incorporated into a modern villa, and there is also the possibility of making a dock. The western part of Mal Ventre is often exposed to the mistral and is characterized by a rugged and barren landscape, while southeastern area has sandy beaches washed by crystal waters and many coves and ravines. The island is rich in granite and Mediterranean scrub with a great variety of flora and fauna.

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Located within a Marine Protected Area, the island has not been subject to any planning since it was purchased by the current owner in 1972. There is a Sardinian architect who suggests the possibility of building a low-impact villa by exploiting Roman foundations and drawing water directly from the ancient well-a choice that could greatly increase the value of the island, creating one of the most exclusive locations in the Mediterranean. The tourism potential is enormous: there are many who escape the daily grind to spend periods in pure, solitary relaxation, and Sardinia is well connected to major European cities with direct flights. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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