All boats previewed at VELAFestival: you’ll see things in Genoa that you sailors…

previews-boatsOne week to go until a TAG Heuer VELAFestival that promises to be full of novelties: starting with the absolute Italian premieres that the shipyards have decided to bring for the first time to the great sailing festival in Genoa. You can board boats for all tastes and sizes, and you can say “I saw it first!”

It starts with the small
RS Cat 16
, the newest boat in the RS range and the first catamaran produced by the RS Sailing shipyard. Easy to use and very durable, it is perfect for sailing schools, beach clubs and families. If you are a lover of long sailing, you can also take a closer look at the new Hallberg Rassy 412: the Swedish shipyard has applied to this twelve-and-a-half-footer some of the conveniences it has successfully pioneered on larger models: in fact, options include a generator set, washing machine, and dual bow and stern propellers to facilitate maneuvering.

Dufour 310The menu continues with the new
Dufour 310 GL
: the smallest hull ever built in the Grand Large range surprises with its chameleon-like character and the possibility to play with the spaces on board and change the interior layout according to the owner’s needs.

Image 9Returning to catamarans, but this time habitable, there will also be the
Lagoon 39
which is the epitome of the new Lagoon generation: vertical beveled beams, mast centered toward the stern for optimum performance under sail and ease of use. A real treat to be discovered

Amel 55 Cabriolet
exhibited in Genoa represents a first in Italy and partially in Europe: it was presented in Paris last December and in Dusseldorf in January, but never on the water or in navigation. The Cabriolet version stands out for the “nakedness” of its deck, which without a hard top takes on a much sleeker line. If the owner later wants to install the hard top in anticipation of a demanding sailing schedule, he or she can still do so, redefining the type of sailing: sun and wind in the hair or total protection from the elements for comfortable sailing at any latitude.

cid_image001_jpg@01CF0B87-1024x680Also arrived after a long journey that began in Bari, Italy, is the
Neo 400
, the twelve-meter “invented” by two Italian professionals, Paolo Semeraro (a sailor with two Olympics behind him and president of Banks Sails) and Giovanni Ceccarelli (designer of boats that have won world titles in any category): it possesses the peculiarity of being designed from the sail plan, and it is a real bomb.

Pogo 50Another unmissable bombshell will be represented by the mythical
Pogo 50
, a boat that fascinates us Italians with its exquisitely French, no-frills style, and on which you will finally be able to step aboard to touch the design solutions of our cousins, champions of “long range” sailing.

Mylius15E25.F.Taccola©_FTL7109Last, but not least, The new Mylius 15E25 which has a soul that is definitely more “racer” than cruiser. This is confirmed by the nearly flat deckhouse, carbon hull construction, mast configuration, PBO rigging, and minimal, weight-saving interior. In fact, the boat, ready to sail, does not exceed 10 tons (not bad for a 50-foot boat with a maximum beam of 4.42 meters). Certainly, with “arietta,” the Piacenza shipyard’s new jewel promises sparks, given also its 148 sq. m. sail plan.



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