Advanced A44, 13.5 meters of pure power. And Nauta interiors

A carbon bolide that takes advantage of the Biscontini-designed hull and enjoys Nauta interiors. is the new Advanced Yachts A44, expected in the water by next summer.

We discovered him for his 66-footer, now the Advanced yard doubles. And it does so with a boat you don’t expect, a sporty 44-footer with top-notch technological content, expected in the water next summer.

The Advanced A44 sees the work of two sailing protagonists such as Roberto Biscontini (a designer who has devoted so much time to America’s Cup jewels in recent years) and the Nauta studio, which was responsible for the deck layout and interiors. Their work resulted in a thirteen-and-a-half-footer with powerful water lines designed to glide easily, combined with ample space on board. For the construction it was optedat

or for the use of glass sandwich with unidirectional carbon reinforcement, epoxy resin and infusion processing. Work aimed at keeping the displacement under 7000 kg. The dive of as much as 3 meters is due to a keel (optimized by comparing 3 different configurations) with a T-design formed by Weldox steel blade and an elongated lead end torpedo.

Below deck, during the day, the space is open to the bow to create a large dinette, with a central table and opposing sofas. Closer to the entrance is space for a galley and a charting station where navigation electronics and utility controls can be concentrated. At night the dinette takes on a different configuration: with a movable closure it is isolated from the rest of the boat to become an integral part of the forward cabin, transforming into a suite. Aft here is the second guest cabin, separated with bulkhead and door, and the large bathroom, complete with separate shower stall from which to access the waxed closet. Tied to this model, Advanced is preparing a whole range of services for the owner, including true “yacht management,” whereby the shipyard itself is in charge of the management aspects of the boat. Data: length. 13.46 m; wd. 4.25 m; disl. 6650 kg; sup. vel. 123 sq. m.




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